From 2010 to 2018, Cara Delevingne's Style Has Changed Beyond Recognition

As one of the world’s most in-demand models, many images have been projected upon Cara Delevingne. She’s gone from Burberry favourite to Chanel ingénue and from Mulberry collaborator to Dior darling, but Delevingne has quickly proved herself as more than just a one-trick pinup. But the most enduring image of the Londoner is the one that she has crafted herself: funny and spirited but with a sensitive side. The 25-year-old quickly carved out her own identity at a time when a gruelling schedule saw her travel all over the world and quickly become one of the paparazzi’s most-stalked subjects.

Unlike her sister Poppy’s boho style, Cara was a key player in streetwear being adopted by the masses, throwing together bomber jackets with multicoloured beanies and bold striped jeans with zany sunglasses. Her handbags have always been designer, but not in a flashy way (and then she designed her own). As her CV evolved to include actress and author credits, so did her style. Tuxedo jackets replaced minidresses on the red carpet once she found her stride in the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do bombshell glamour too. In effect, Delevingne has her signature looks, but she’s also a walking contradiction, which is what makes her public appearances and off-duty looks so intriguing.

We’ve charted the model’s style evolution below just to sum up exactly what makes her one of our favourite dressers.