Watch the Trailer for Cara Delevingne's Upcoming Movie

Model, singer, actor: The trailer for Cara Delevingne's upcoming movie, The Face of an Angel, is here! And it looks like a nail-biter. [YouTube]

Feminists unite: Emma Watson's gender equality Q+A session will be streamed on Facebook. [Racked]

Four words: Beyoncé Bratz dolls exist. [Pop Sugar]

The dye job heard 'round the world: Everything you need to know about Kim Kardashian's new platinum locks. [Byrdie]

Oh, Karl: The legendary designer has asserted in no uncertain terms that he "doesn't do selfies." [Vogue]

Spring cleaning, perfected: It's time to upgrade your home with the hottest spring décor items on the market. [Domaine]

A discussion: Who should replace Kelly Osbourne on Fashion Police? One editor weighs in. [HuffPo]

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