The 5-Piece Capsule Wardrobe That Looks Good on All Body Types

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You know what looks good on your body better than anyone, and that's a fact. You've had years of experience testing dresses, jeans and tops, finding out what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. But, if you've ever talked fashion with friends, it's inevitable that there are a few key pieces everyone keeps in their rotation. You and your friends may have different body types or style senses, but you can all agree on the magic of a great pair of skinny jeans or a jacket that fits just right.

To help suss out those must-own items, we tapped stylist George Kotsiopoulos to highlight a five-piece capsule wardrobe. Below, George breaks down exactly why each of his five picks looks good on every woman, and we offer some of our favourite styles in each category right now. That way, it's easy to ensure you—and your friends—are armed with these five ultra-flattering essentials.

Read on to see George's five picks...

Cropped Jacket

"A cropped jacket works well with any high-waisted trouser or skirt options or paired with a longer top for a layered look. Regardless of size, some women don't want to show their arms, so this style is the perfect alternative to a more cumbersome jacket."

Modernise this jacket with light-wash denim and a white tee.

This is sure to become your go-to weekend blazer.

You'll love how versatile this colour is for your wardrobe.

Fit-and-Flare Dress

"This silhouette enhances curves on a fuller figure and gives the illusion of curves if you don't have them."

This silhouette is perfect for a summer dress. 

Off-the-shoulder dresses make looking effortless simple.


"A tunic is one of the most versatile pieces a woman can own. Wear it loose with bare legs or use as a layering piece with skinny jeans and a cropped jacket. To enhance your shape, belt it at the waist or at the hip for a more bohemian look."

Big sleeves are the best way to make a statement during warm weather months.

Unique stitching details make a classic white dress stand out.


"This is another versatile piece like the tunic. It can pretty much be worn with anything. When worn open and hanging, it makes you look half the size and provides coverage without looking matronly."

Wearing satin over denim is the ultimate high-low mix.

Wear this as a dress for an evening out, and then open over jeans for a cool brunch look.

Work both the kimono and floral trends with one great top.

Skinny Jean

"The name says it all! Obviously, if you are skinny they're a no-brainer, and if you are not, they can give you the appearance that you are. Regardless of your size, they work well with a longer top if you want to hide your bum or not since showing off a big butt is now de rigueur."

For when it's time to update your classic blue skinny jeans.

Slightly faded black skinnies have become an It-girl staple.

Curious for more? Here's how to dress for your body type.

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