The Differences Between Canadian and American Fashion

Canadians and Americans have had an antagonistic relationship for ages now (just google Canada vs. America and you’ll see what we mean), but the basis for this beef is largely unfounded and silly. Although both countries are located in the Northeast and have English-speaking inhabitants, Canada’s population of roughly 35.2 million is bite-size compared to the estimated 316 million people living in the United States. That and the differing climates—American winters have nothing on Canada’s—makes pitting the two countries against each other pretty nonsensical.

However, because we’re in such close quarters with our Northern friends, we’re still really curious how their style compares to ours and have found the coverage on that front to be seriously lacking. So, in an effort to remedy this and get some answers, we set out to talk to the people who know Canadian fashion best—the country’s editors, designers, and bloggers—about what we share in style as well as what sets theirs apart.

Scroll down to see what we discovered about Canadian vs. American style!