How to Wear the Same Outfit Twice and Make It Look Fresh

It might seem like there's a cardinal rule in the fashion world that you simply don't wear the same outfit twice if you want to live another day humiliation-free. But this is largely a myth perpetuated by the powers that be that want you to always be buying new things and wearing new  looks.

In reality, there are plenty of celebrities and style icons to re-wear the same outfit over and over again (hey, they're people too!). Case in point: international style maven Kate Middleton, who is actually known for recycling outfits. The trick: you can change up one look by adding different elements that rejuvenate and refresh it.

Don't believe us? Celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott believe it, too, and they shared four ways you can wear the same outfit and make it feel new and different. Keep scrolling to find out what they are!