Sad Face: We Won't Be Buying New Céline Bags Online Anytime Soon

As a brand, Céline is nothing if not a quiet force—the world's most stylish women wear their shoes, bags, and other wares, but the label's team remains largely silent amidst all the buzz. Well, the woman who built the world's most quietly successful fashion empire has broken her silence.

Céline's creative director Phoebe Philo and CEO Marco Gobbetti sat down for a rare interview with WSJ. Magazineand their discussion with writer Roberty Murphy is quite revealing. Among the topics discussed (and the one we're most intersted in): Why Céline doesn't have e-commerce.

"We think it is important to touch the clothes—much of what is special is lost in e-commerce," Gobbetti reveals. "I feel fashion has overcrowded and has made a lot of noise on the Internet. I think that being quiet gives more value to what we do."

While you can certainly shop vintage and pre-owned Céline bags from online consignment shops and marketplaces like eBay, it looks like none of us will be shopping spankin' new Céline online anytime soon. We get the reasoning, and we agree that there's nothing like the feel and smell of high-end leather—but, nonetheless, our wish to shop new Céline online remains an undying one.

Head to WSJ. Magazine to read the rest of the fascinating pieceDo you think Céline should start selling online? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!