See Real Men Re-Create Iconic Calvin Klein Underwear Ads

As women, we're fairly accustomed at this point to seeing unrealistic body images presented in fashion ads. But what's that experience like for real men, when they see the perfectly chiselled and posed male figures presented by underwear brands like Calvin Klein? BuzzFeed set forth to find out.

The site appointed several real dudes from its editorial team to re-create some of Calvin Klein's most iconic underwear ads featuring male models—including those much-discussed recent ads starring Justin Bieber. The results are, as expected, a bit giggle-worthy—but more surprisingly, they're actually quite poignant. The real guys shared their innermost thoughts on what it felt like being put on display in such a way.

"I’ve always had body image issues, no matter what my weight was," BuzzFeed books editor Isaac Fitzgerald said. "I’ll never forget when I was 8 and my mum lifted up my shirt in front of a mirror and slapped my stomach, making it jiggle. This was when I started being self-conscious of my belly. This photo shoot only highlighted those feelings."

Perhaps men are more understanding of women's constant body image plight than we assumed? Keep scrolling to see our favourites from BuzzFeed's shoot.

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