Numbers Don't Lie: Caitlyn Jenner, Not Kim Kardashian, Broke the Internet

You might recall that back in January, Kim Kardashian went on a self-proclaimed mission to break the Internet with her completely nude cover for Paper magazine. Well, Kim, it's time to take a step back, because your step-relative Caitlyn Jenner can officially make that claim.

After debuting on an Annie Leibovitz–shot cover of Vanity Fair yesterday, Jenner earned more than a million Twitter followers in less than four hours, according to Digiday. That's the fastest any single person has ever gained Twitter followers, including when President Barack Obama joined Twitter recently.

The image of the Vanity Fair cover featuring her debut has been retweeted more than 230,000 times and favorited more than 260,000 times. By comparison, the Glamour cover featuring Kim Kardashian's pregnancy announcement (also released yesterday) only got 3,000 Twitter mentions. That's a fairly stark contrast.

And in a head-to-head battle, it looks like Caitlyn can take home the gold, big time. Her #CallMeCaitlyn hashtag has been used nearly 232,000 times on Twitter as of around noon today, according to social media analytics firm Brandwatch. Meanwhile, Kardashian's #BreakTheInternet hashtag received 171,000 mentions over three days, according to Brandwatch.

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