This Is Quite Possibly the Best Beauty Collaboration to Have Ever Existed

Rarely in the world of beauty does a collaboration come along that actually has the power to impress a beauty editor. We often get excited over novel makeup launches encased in Disney packaging and skincare collections collated by influencers, but the truth is we’re usually over it the next day. Sure, the pretty product makes for a great Instagram shot, and influencer collabs give us something to talk about for a little while ahead of their launches, but beauty collaborations that genuinely impress us are few and far between.

Truthfully, we’ve seen it all before. The real dream, if you ask us, would be for two leading cult beauty brands to get together and make some magic. However, the chances of two independent heavyweights putting their differences aside in the name of beauty? Zero to none. But it seems a couple of our favourite brands are here to prove us wrong. That’s right everyone, gather 'round and behold the lovechild of fragrance powerhouse Byredo and haircare extraordinaire Ouai.

If, like me, you’re a big Byredo fan (or even if you’re not), you’ll likely be aware of the eye-watering price tags that hang on its perfumes. When it comes to the scents themselves, though, their uniqueness and beauty go unrivalled. The bottles look chic as hell on the shelf, and what they hold is equally as appealing.

Ouai, on the other hand, is a luxe haircare line that oozes the same sense of chicness, but it has an affordability to it that Byredo certainly does not. While your average Ouai haircare product might set you back something like £25, a bottle of Byredo perfume will cost over £100. So what if you had a product that smelled like Byredo but delivered results and cost the same as Ouai? Enter Ouai X Byredo Super Dry Shampoo Mojave Ghost—£20.

Before using Ouai X Byredo Super Dry Shampoo.

If you haven’t already guessed by the name, the product is a dry shampoo formulated by Ouai that possesses the iconic Byredo Mojave Ghost scent. And that, my dear beauty friends, is what makes this collaboration so special. You see, when I first heard about this, I assumed the two brands would be working on some sort of Ouai and Byredo hybrid scent that would end up smelling like neither. After all, Ouai is well known for its delicious scents, too. However, with zero ego, Ouai stepped to the side and let Byredo take the reins and infuse the product with its universally adored scent. And I’ve got to say, the results are quite extraordinary.

After using Ouai X Byredo Super Dry Shampoo.

Sure. At the end of the day, it is just a dry shampoo. A great dry shampoo, but a dry shampoo nonetheless. It adds texture and absorbs oil without adding too much weight, but the star of the show is, without a doubt, the dreamy scent.

Coming from someone who already wears the intoxicating amber and sandalwood aroma of Mojave Ghost in perfume form, this stuff is basically heaven. Instead of having to waste a spritz of my £170 bottle of Mojave Ghost on days when I don’t plan to do a great deal, I can simply spray a bit of the new dry shampoo into my roots. One quick blast in the morning has me wafting the subtly smoky but floral scent all day long. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: This will likely go down as the best beauty collaboration in history.

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