This New Scent Is Summer in a Bottle, and I'm Hooked

Like most people, I’m picky with scents. I know instantly if I’m compatible with a scent or if it’s going to grate on me, and if I’m near someone wearing a heady scent, I have to move, or I’ll start to brew a headache. I have my favourite perfumes, roll-ons and oils, and it takes a really special scent to make its way into my collection because of this. As much as I love testing fresh launches, newer perfumes rarely catch my eye—or nose—but I do make exceptions for Byredo. I currently have three of the brand’s perfumes in my collection, which I rotate depending on my mood and the season. Blanche is for fresh spring days, Mumbai Noise for hot summer nights, and Bal d’Afrique is my all-seasons go-to day scent. The brand’s latest launch, De los Santos, sounded like it would work its way into my collection, and as soon as I smelt it, I knew it would have a place forever.

My go-to notes normally sit somewhere between woody, earthy and musky but never too much of any one of those. Too woody and it’s overly masculine for me, and muskiness can become overwhelmingly heady. This is where De los Santos sits so perfectly. It threads woody and musky so well, pulling together notes from both categories for a bold scent but leaves a warm, lingering smell that is ideal paired with the summer sun.

The punchiest note in the line-up is incense. And if I simply read that, as someone who steers clear of heavy scents, I would immediately write it off, but Byredo has managed to include this note without the headiness. Greenery such as sage and floral notes of cistus incanus cut through the musk, while the mirabelle adds a sweet yet tangy finish. If you have scents like Le Labo Thé Noir 29 or Glossier You in your collection, then I highly recommend trying De los Santos. I promise you it’s your next summer scent.

Byredo Favourites

Byredo Rose Hand Cream

The metal tub is so tactile and the formula of the cream is very hydrating. Plus, the scents are potent and last long. Rose is a stunning scent but love Gypsy Water the most.

Definitely one of the chicest ways to rid your hands of germs. I keep it by the door for quick sanitising post–shop run.

Byredo Bal d'Afrique Perfume Oil

I’m a huge fan of scent layering, and the Byredo perfume oils are a great base for making scents last longer and meshing notes together to create your own unique smell.

Byredo Tinted Lip Balm

A suits-all lip balm that just feels so luxe to apply. Team with a deeper lip liner for amped-up everyday lip.

Byredo La Sélection Nomade

These travel-sized sprays are so handy for travelling but also a great way of testing out which scents you might want from the brand.

Byredo Hand Scrub Tulipmania

Our hands have taken a battering over the past few years, so this scrub is like a mini spa for them. It has a floral summery scent that lingers.

Byredo Tree House Mini Candle

This woody scent immediately makes your space feel warm and cosy, so this mini version is perfect to travel with to make your space homey.

Byredo Colour Stick Multi-Use Cream Stick

Tap into the Y2K beauty trends with these multi-use sticks that can be built up for bold colour or sheered out for a subtle look.

Byredo Blanche Body Cream

This is, without doubt, one of the best perfumed body creams out there. The concentration of shea butter in the formula is second to none, so your skin smells and feels incredible. I love the scent Blanche after an evening bath or shower, as it smells like fresh sheets.

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