All of Our Friends Are Buying This Limited-Edition Byrdie Beauty Box

Byrdie Beauty Box The #Nightlies Edit: The contents of the beauty box


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Fancy upping the ante on your beauty regimen this month before you max out May's paycheque? Well, we happen to know a pretty simple yet effective way to do just that—get your hands on our Byrdie Beauty Box: The #Nightlies Edit. But you'd better move fast; they're selling quickly.

Those of you who follow our #Nightlies Instagram Stories can probably guess what this curation is all about. Every Sunday, we follow a different person's nighttime routine, charting everything from their must-do skincare steps to their prep for the week ahead. This box is about to deliver that concept to your very own bathroom, enabling you to ramp up your Sunday night routine too.

Inside, you'll find everything you need to recharge your body, rejuvenate your complexion for that elusive glow and get yourself in the mood for a great night's sleep. Deputy editor Shannon Peter, associate social media editor Alyss Bowen and I have pulled together some of our all-time favourite beauty products, plus some exciting new ones too.

The box is £50, but the contents are worth a whopping £213. To get your hands on a box (there's a limited run), head over to Latest in Beauty to shop The #Nightlies Edit.

Byrdie Beauty Box The #Nightlies Edit: The Contents of the Beauty Box


Latest in Beauty

So What Do You Get for £50? It's a Pretty Long List…

"We're big fans of derma-rolling here at Byrdie HQ, and this is among the more comfortable options I've tried. Used after cleansing, the 0.2-millimetre stainless steel needles gently exfoliate the skin and create micro-channels for serums to penetrate. Plus it makes you feel like a right pro." — Amy Lawrenson

You'll receive a full-sized roller in the box.

"Every evening, I spritz This Works's pillow spray liberally across my pillows, over my duvet and on my eye mask too. Not only does its blend of lavender, vetiver and chamomile lull my mind to sleep, but as every toss and turn sends a new waft towards my nostrils, it keeps it there too. Dreamy." — Shannon Peter

You'll receive a full 75-millilitre size in the box.

"I always struggle to fall asleep on a Sunday night (hello, weekend jet lag!), so I keep this supplement on my bedside table. Sprayed under your tongue, it contains melatonin, passion flower and lemongrass to relax the mind and body, reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. Genius." — Amy Lawrenson

You'll receive a full size in the box.

"I always struggled to coax new brow hairs above the skin surface until I started using Blink Brow Bar's exfoliator. It's a waxy, grain-flecked crayon that when scribbled across the brow bone buffs away any dead cells clinging on for dear life, providing the perfect environment for new hairs to grow." — Shannon Peter

You'll receive a full size in the box.

"I love anything lavender-scented, and Origins' mask is no exception. The sheet itself is made from bamboo and is soaked in lavender extract, which has not only anti-inflammatory properties to calm your skin after a hectic week, but also a scent that's proven to relax the mind." — Alyss Bowen

You'll receive a full size in the box.

"I never even attempt an at-home mani unless it's with a bottle of OPI. The colours (like this postbox red) are super vibrant, the formula paints on so smoothly and, when dry, it's so hard that even the clumsiest hands will have difficulty chipping it." — Shannon Peter

You'll receive a full size in the box.

"This chic lip balm is packed with moisturising butters and oils, keeping lips soft and hydrated for hours. It's great for everyone, but the fact it prevents cold sores is a welcome bonus." — Amy Lawrenson

You'll receive a full size in the box.

"You can use Omorovicza's face mist at any point in your skincare routine, but it's so refreshing and makes skin feel instantly hydrated and replenished. I probably spray mine at least five times on any given night. Its neroli and rose scent smells like a fancy perfume too." — Alyss Bowen

You'll receive a 30-millilitre travel-size mist in the box.



Rituals Be Kind to Your Skin Body Cream. Shop Rituals body products here.

You'll receive a 70-millilitre size in the box.

"When I feel like purging skin of everything the week has thrown at it, Philosophy's cleanser offers the deepest, most rigorous Sunday cleanse. It not only rids skin of dirt, but also gently tones and maintains skin's moisture levels, so there's none of that tight, uncomfortable feeling I hate." — Alyss Bowen

You'll receive a 30-millilitre size in the box.

"If I'm going to subject myself to the hassle of a hair mask, I won't waste time on flimsy creams no more powerful than conditioner. I go straight to Lore's custard-thick industrial-strength mask, which contains amino acids and proteins to strengthen hair fibres as well as plant oils to flood hair with moisture." — Shannon Peter

You'll receive one sachet inside the box. 

"I'm obsessed with exfoliating toners, and this one is brilliant. Simply soak a cotton pad with this fresh, citrus-scented liquid and swipe it across the face after cleansing. The gentle acids tackle everything from dullness, uneven skin tone and congestion to enlarged pores, dry skin and even fine lines. It's so good." — Amy Lawrenson

You'll receive a 50-millilitre size in the box. 

"Soaked in AHAs to nibble away at dead skin cells and powerhouse retinol to encourage collagen production and skin luminosity, just one little pad holds such glow-giving dexterity. Use in lieu of the Ren toner, though, to avoid irritation." — Shannon Peter

You'll receive two peel sachets in the box.

"Got stressed skin? Then this serum is for you. This is brand-new from Elemis, and it has a lightweight, silky texture, so it's perfect to use after the roller. With hydrating hyaluronic acid, it tackles areas that need a boost. Expect plumper, fresher-looking skin come morning." — Amy Lawrenson

You'll receive a 15-millilitre size in the box. 

"Packed with wonderfully scented essential oils, a tubful of these Cornish bath salts will help ease muscle tension. Baths not your thing? You can also create a facial sauna by adding some of the crystals to a bowl of hot water and breathing in the fragrance." — Amy Lawrenson

You'll receive a 40-gram size in the box in either the Calm or Indulge fragrance.

"I love the way Dr. Dennis Gross's formula seems to reinflate skin that's lost its bounce, as well as even out pesky patches of rough skin texture. While providing another hit of retinol, it also contains ferulic acid, an antioxidant that bats off skin aggressors." — Shannon Peter

You'll receive a 5-millilitre size in the box.

And there you have it—a Byrdie-approved nighttime skin care routine made easy. Buy your own Byrdie Beauty Box: The #Nightlies Edit right here.

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