This Rosie HW–Approved Balm Is the Only Product Helping My Dry Lips Right Now

Anyone that has ever been within a 10ft radius of me while I’m harping on about my beauty routine will 100% walk away knowing two things: The first being that my lips are the driest thing since the Sahara Desert, and the second being that my skin hates rose. In fact, everyone is probably bored of me going on about it. In my many years as a beauty editor, these two things are without a doubt my biggest beauty gripes.

When it comes to my dry lips, I have more or less admitted defeat. Over the years, I have tried lip balm formula after lip balm formula, loved some, hated some, kept some and chucked some, however, not one single product has been able to totally cure them. And as for my suspected rose allergy, well, I really haven’t been able to figure out a whole lot about it. All I know is that some rose formulas leave my skin red, bumpy and itchy, while others cause almost no stir at all. It’s safe to say, therefore, that I find it quite shocking that one of my most coveted beauty products is a rose lip balm in the form of By Terry’s Baume de Rose.

By Terry Baume de Rose: Rose Huntington-Whiteley is a fan



I first discovered this lip balm a couple of years ago after reading that a number of celebrities swear by the stuff. From Kim Kardashian West to Kate Hudson, I noticed that it was cropping up in famous makeup bags across the land. Not only a hit amongst the A-list, it is also widely adored by makeup artists, bloggers and fellow beauty editors. However, it wasn’t until I read that my number one beauty queen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was a fan that I picked a pot up for myself.

Since the moment I first dug my finger into the pot (yes, I am that person), I knew it was love. The formula itself is beyond creamy. Formulated with super-nourishing shea butter, vitamin E and dryness-busting ceramides, I can honestly say that no single lip balm comforts and softens my lips quite like Baume de Rose. In fact, the sumptuous texture combined with the delicate but calming rose scent and the pretty glass pot make Baume de Rose one of my favourite beauty products of all time.

Sure, it doesn’t totally cure my lips of dryness during their most desperate times (honestly, nothing does), but this stuff definitely gives it its best shot. What’s more, I recently found myself falling in love with the rest of the Baume de Rose range too. From the brand-new plumping sheet mask to the richly hydrating hand cream, there really isn’t a single product in this cult range that I wouldn’t recommend. Oh, and it turns out that along with the balm itself, Rosie also loves the body oil too. Don’t mind me while I add that to my basket.

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