I'm Calling It—This Haircut Trend Is Set to Dominate 2023

I have a confession: I'm low-key obsessed with predicting the hair trends of the year. From the hottest hair colours to the trending haircuts we'll all be booking in for, I'm always on the lookout for the next big thing that we'll all be rushing to the salon for. And for 2023, there is one haircut trend that is currently taking the beauty industry by storm: the butterfly haircut.

What Is The Butterfly Haircut?

Butterfly haircut: Larry King


Larry King

Who What Wear UK Managing Editor, Poppy Nash, booked in for the butterfly cut.

The butterfly haircut currently has TikTok, Instagram and just about everyone (including me) in a chokehold right now. But what exactly is the butterfly haircut? Its main features are a mix of short and long rounded layers, which give shape, volume and maximum body, with a symmetrical effect that resembles a butterfly. Think tumbling layers with plenty of movement. And the data backs it up. A report from Beauty Pie says that butterfly haircuts rose 12,432% in the lead up to 2023, and #butterflyhaircut has 498 million views and counting on TikTok. So, this is one haircut trend we can expect to take 2023 by storm.

While I would never be brave enough to try cutting it at home myself, there are several tutorials doing the rounds on how to cut the butterfly haircut at home, which sees people tying their hair into two ponytails—one at the front, and the other at the back of the head—before taking the scissors and snipping straight across into each of the ponytails. That being said, I'd recommend heading to your hairdresser for this hairstyle to ensure it's a butterfly and not a butterflop.

Ready to take the plunge and try the butterfly haircut? The good news is that it suits almost every hair type and length while adding buckets of volume and shape to your hair. Ahead, I've rounded up some butterfly haircut inspiration to take to your next hair appointment, as well as the best hairstyling products to style the butterfly cut.

Butterfly Haircut Inspiration

Just look at how pretty these flicked-out layers look when cut at the cheekbone.

Butterfly haircut: Maria Bernad



The butterfly haircut also looks great with a fringe 

For extra movement, choppy layers add texture to your lengths.

Butterfly haircut: @anaasmood



The butterfly haircut is a perfect match for tighter curls, as the face framing ayers add shape and definition to let curls sing.

Butterfly haircut: @angeegarcia



The butterfly haircut + wispy fringe = a match made in heaven.

Butterfly haircut: Emily Ratajowski



Emily Ratajowski's haircut has subtle butterfly layers towards her ends. And can we talk about this fringe?

Butterfly Haircut: Kelly Rowland



The sweeping layers of the butterfly haircut almost have a contouring effect, making it super-flattering.

If you still like to tie your hair up, the longer layers of the butterfly haircut are still long enough to tie back into a ponytail or bun. But we love how J.Lo has left her fringe and a few tendrils loose.

Butterfly haircut: @ellabalinska



Shorter curls around the face give curly hair so much movement and shape.

Butterfly haircut: Maren Moris



If you have finer hair, then some tactically placed butterfly layers will give your hair a dose of volume.

Proof that the butterfly haircut also works on mid-length hair.

The butterfly haircut also looks chic swept into a side parting.

A claw clip and butterfly layers look so chic when tied up.

The Best Hairstyling Products For The Butterfly Haircut:

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To ensure optimum volume and bounce, use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to rid hair of build-up that can leave lengths limp.

Blowdrying with a round brush will enhance the sweeping layers of the butterfly cut.

If you find velcro rollers or drying your hair with a round brush doesn't deliver long-lasting hold, try these heated rollers, which will keep the hair's bounce and shape in all day long.

The Dyson AirWrap was made for the butterfly haircut. The interchangeable attachments allow you to create plenty of bounce and body.

This delivers silky-smooth blowouts every time.