Bye, Side Boobs and Underboobs—2018's "Boob" Trend Is Coming

Throughout history, boob-related trends have really been through the mill: We’ve had heaving bosoms in restrictive empire-line Regency gowns, a desire to flatten them down for flappers, conical bras to channel Madonna, and most recently an epidemic of underboobage, a reverse of '90s cleavage, if you will. This crop top–baring phenomenon appeared to take over the celebrity circuit in 2017—if social media won't #freethenipple, it certainly doesn't appear to mind the surrounding parts of a woman's anatomy—weird.

And so with a new season on the horizon and side boob, underboob, no-bra boobs and the many other breast-related fashions done and dusted, what is next for our bosoms? Well, it looks like you're going to see a lot of potential peekaboobs, as I'm calling them. It’s all down to designers creating these softly structured dresses that cup the breasts and hold the waist, only you’ll usually find one shoulder or arm slouched off for a dishevelled look—like a bustier but more akin to Victorian underpinnings than anything full-on from the '80s. It may not catch on in your office, or even on your nights out, but you might not be surprised to know certain A-listers are already on track to make it a thing in 2018. Emily Ratajkowski—a girl who doesn’t shy away from risqué—has, of course, been one of the ringleaders thus far. No paparazzi oops moments yet, so perhaps this isn’t as precarious as it looks. And, well, at least you don’t have to feel like insanely perky boobs are prerequisite for this one—a little boning and forestry go a long way.

Scroll down to see the designers doing the look on the runway, as well as the celebs who have adopted the bustier trend already.