This Classic, Expensive-Looking Nail Colour Is All I'll Be Wearing This Autumn

Choosing a nail colour is hard, right? You don't want to end up going for the wrong shade when you know that you'll be stuck with it for weeks, and you also want to make sure you go for something that will match all of your upcoming outfits. Luckily for you, I have the perfect hue for autumn. That's right, I'm talking about burgundy nails.

I have never, ever regretted going for this chic colour, and my nails always look so expensive whenever I leave the salon with a burgundy mani. What I love about this nail colour is that it's just that little bit lighter than black, yet it still carries that same timeless, classic feel that a monochrome mani manages to achieve every single time. 

The colour itself is a mix between a deep purple and a dark red, and I happen to think that it complements all skin tones. Although I always tend to opt for a glossy finish, there are so many ways to wear this trend, from a matte burgundy mani to a subtle French tip. I'm already seeing some of my favourite celebs incorporate this colour into their autumn nail wardrobes (including none other than Sofia Richie Grainge), and the hashtag #burgundynails has over 14 million views on TikTok. I just know that this number will increase as the weather gets colder, and I have no doubt that soon, everyone will be wearing this stylish nail shade.

Looking for some burgundy nail inspiration before your next mani? Keep on scrolling...

Burgundy Nail Inspiration

I mean, have you ever seen such an expensive-looking manicure? I would pay good money for these nails.

long, glossy burgundy nails



A leather jacket and burgundy nails is a winning autumn combo.


matte burgundy nails with a darker French tip



I am obsessed with this nail design. Who knew mixing matte and glossy finishes could look so good?

@monikh with burgundy nails



I'll take the manicure and the matching bag, please.

A burgundy French mani? It's a yes from me.

long, matte burgundy nails



So, so chic.

a simple burgundy manicure



Short and sweet.

If you don't want colour all over your nails, why not opt for some minimalist nail art?

matte, almond-shaped burgundy nails



Okay, this is making me want to try a matte mani.

Simply immaculate.

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If the name Black Cherry Bomb isn't enough to convince you to add this to your basket, the deep burgundy shade surely is.

H&M nail polishes are so affordable, and this colour just screams autumn to me.

If you like a glossy finish, then this is the nail polish for you.

Essie polishes are some of the best I've ever used, and this shade is quickly becoming my new go-to.