5 Colours That Are Always Knockout on Brunettes

Blonde hair may catch the light, but brunettes have a richness to their tresses that can't be rivalled. How to make the most of your brown locks? Just follow our simple colour guide, covering everything from pastels to brights. Obviously, your skin tone plays a major factor in the colours that look best on you, but focusing on compatible hues for your hair is an ideal place to start. It all boils down to one simple concept: You want to wear colours that create a contrast between your hair and the garment, so both will stand out.



From hot pink to pastel yellow, there are some incredible colours that will make you look knockout, as well as few style tips thrown in, too. Of course, to show you what we mean, we've enlisted the help of some brunette A-listers who have nailed the dark hair colour matching. Click through our gallery to see which colours make brunettes look their best, and shop some key pieces, too.