This Stylish Team Shows It's Best to Always Dress Like Yourself at Work

At work it can be easy to fall back on workwear staples that make you look smart but don't leave you feeling like you. Whether you work in the fashion industry or in Canary Wharf, what you wear to work can go a long way towards making you feel more confident. One office that shows the power of creating your own dress code—or at least adding some personality to a daily uniform—is the team at Browns.

I know it's not considered very cool to use the word "cool," but it takes a lot to omit it from a piece about the Browns team. Browns' edit is always the most adventurous and spirited—designers that are still enrolled in Central Saint Martins are placed alongside Gucci and Céline. The buyers will take a risk on sheer bodysuits made by a Brazilian designer they found on Instagram and back Loewe's next It bag. This eclectic mix is naturally reflected in how the team dresses for work each day.

Nine women from all departments met me on a rather bleak Wednesday morning in early January at the East London store—their only instruction was to wear an outfit that is representative of how they dress for work. These nine ensembles couldn't be more varied, leaving no doubt that this is a workplace where sticking to your own personal style is valued. No one is hiding behind a safe all-black "fashion" uniform here. You sense that even if they did arrive at work in the same shoes (we've all been there), they would all wear them in a completely different way anyway. Keep scrolling to see how one of London's most stylish teams dresses for work. 

Thanks to Bobbi Brown UK for makeup and Hershesons for the hair.