You Can't Go Wrong With This One Failsafe Outfit We Keep Spotting on Instagram

The sun has finally made an appearance on our shores in 2018—you can practically hear the giant sigh of relief from everyone today. The best news about this long-awaited seasonal shift is that it means we can finally start whipping out our spring outfits, and today Laura Jackson is wearing exactly what we wish we'd put on this morning. She posted a picture of herself in a brown polka-dot dress by Lee Matthews with a straw basket bag and a pair of white Superga pump trainers. This combination is a winning formula for spring, as shown by influencer ThatsALeaf, who paired her brown spotty Mango skirt with a basket bag and pair of box-fresh chunky white trainers. If you think this looks familiar, that could be because it's reminiscent of Julia Roberts's brown polka-dot polo outfit from Pretty Woman. Keep scrolling to see the outfit that you're going to see everywhere this summer.

On Laura Jackson: Lee Matthews Polka Dot Dress (£257)

On Laura Jackson: Lee Matthews Polka Dot Dress (£257)

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On Elif: Mango skirt

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We bet you'll spot this outfit at least once in real life this week.