This Is How Hair Experts Are Coloring Cool Girls' Hair Right Now

FYI: Brown hair with highlights is trending (yes, even amid a global pandemic and during a year in which salons, for the most part, were or still are closed). That said, we can't ignore the influx of highlighted brunette locks we've seen on our feeds, and we've been shoulders-deep taking screenshots of and admiring all of the gorgeous renditions we've seen on different hair textures, on different natural base colors, and, of course, with different precise shades of highlight. So to celebrate all things hair color (and because we miss taking and talking about trips to the salon), we couldn't resist putting together a special ode to the color phenomenon that's currently sweeping our Instagram feeds.

From ultra-subtle inklings of auburn and copper to blatant swipes of bleach blonde, it doesn't matter what shade of brown hair you start with—the possibilities for a gorgeous set of fresh highlights are infinite. Just keep scrolling for proof! Ahead are 22 of the best examples of brown hair with highlights we currently have saved on our camera rolls that, if we do say so ourselves, make for great inspiration if and when you're able to visit your colorist.  

Brown Hair With Brown Highlights

For those with brown hair who want to add some dimension and interest to their current hair color without being too drastic about it, opting for tonal brunette highlights is a surefire bet for success. You can veer reddish, blondish, or just a touch different than your natural color, but the effect will still enhance your brown base color and add an extra dose of cool-girl freshness. 

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

So many people we talk to are intimidated by going blonde, but as the below examples of brown hair with blonde highlights prove, it need not be so intimidating, and the look can be completely customized depending on the degree to which you want to lighten and brighten your locks. The below range runs from subtle to sun bleached (we see you, Ciara!), and we're very much here for every single one. Pick your poison.

Brown Hair With Red Highlights

When we think of red hair, many of us immediately think of taking the full plunge to shades of copper, ruby, and auburn. That said, if you're interested in dabbling with the striking shade but don't feel like going completely headfirst just yet, why not try highlights? Those who have any shade of brown hair—from nearly black to almost blonde—can try the highlighted trend out for size.

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