So Many Guests Wore This Easy Dress Trend to the Beckham-Peltz Wedding

There’s always a niggling bit of concern that you’ll turn up to a special event—say, a wedding—and someone else will be wearing the exact same outfit as you are. This has actually happened to me before, and although we were able to laugh it off, the initial moment when you realise you have a sartorial doppelgänger in close proximity is awkward, to say the least. This, however, didn’t seem to bother the guests in attendance at Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s wedding this past weekend, as many of them—a staggering number, actually—opted to wear the same dress trend. Okay, so they weren’t the exact same dresses, but I did find it interesting that this specific style of dress was so prevalent at the nuptials. In fact, it was even worn by the mother of the groom, a woman who needs no introduction. 

The outfit Victoria Beckham chose to wear to her eldest son’s wedding has been receiving praise, not only from Who What Wear UK editors but from practically everyone who works in fashion. The piece, a liquid-metal silver slip dress adorned with lace, was custom-created for her by her in-house designers at her namesake brand. Taking to her Instagram Stories, Beckham revealed more about how the dress came together and the effort that was poured into making it. 

“A special dress for a special day,” Beckham captioned. “The first Victoria Beckham couture dress made in our London atelier. The bespoke fabric was developed by one of my favourite mills in Italy, it’s like liquid metal and hangs so beautifully."

“The lace is actually three different styles, placed to create a new lace and then hand embroidered,” Beckham continued. “The dress took five days to create by six of my incredibly talented London atelier team.” 

Indeed, Victoria Beckham’s outfit has been hailed a fashion success by those in the know. I have to agree—she was nothing short of radiant on the day. However, VB wasn’t the only attendee to opt for a slinky slip dress. A host of the guests also chose slips for, let’s face it, the wedding of the year, some even opting for pieces from Victoria Beckham’s atelier. 




One of Victoria Beckham’s closest friends, actress Eva Longoria chose a strappy black slip dress from her pal’s brand. 

Fashion model Nadia Ferreira wore a blue Victoria Beckham slip dress, which she accessorised with drop earrings. 



Journalist and TV presenter Zanna Roberts Rassi looked elegant in a black floor-length slip dress, also by Victoria Beckham. 

Victoria Beckham also dressed fashion model Mia Regan for the nuptials. Look closely, and you’ll see her Birkenstock Bostons peeking out from underneath the blue satin. 

I have a feeling slip dresses are going to be big news for this year’s wedding season, so I’ve charted some of my favourite shopping finds for you to consider below. 


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