I Just Tried 20 Bronzers and These Are the Only Ones I Recommend for Brown Skin

You can't beat an effortless face that has been sharply defined by a bit of bronzer. The power of bronzing takes any look from flat to flawless in a matter of minutes, especially when applied correctly. Bronzer was certainly a makeup application that was tailored to fairer skin tones to add colour and dimension to the face—especially during the summer, but with the development of new formulas, bronzing is now a universal step for any skin tone. On brown skin, in particular, it culminates a warmth and definition to the skin that isn't as harsh and prominent as contouring can be.

Ashunta Sheriff, makeup artist to stars like Taraji P. Henson, says that she loves "using bronzer to create a warm but sculpting effect for my clients. The warmth gives a youthful finish to the skin and the sculpting of cheekbones using bronzer is perfect because it looks more natural and not harsh like sculpting powders do. Bronzer also helps to liven up wintertime skin and give a mini-vacation rested look." With that being said, finding the right bronzer can be a needle in a haystack, as many on the market often miss the mark when developing a bronzer for brown skin. So I tried 20 leading ones on the market and discovered that these nine are really the best for brown skin. Whether you want a more sculpted look or a product that will give you that "just got back from holiday" glow, I guarantee you'll find one that you love.

This is a firm favourite, and it's clear to see why—it doesn't disappoint. Long-wearing, transfer-resistant, seamlessly smooth and easy to blend, this product understands what it means to define and warm-up brown skin, as the brick-red undertone picks up on dark skin tones perfectly leaving a natural and healthy-looking glow. Bringing all skin tones to life, Mocha Mami builds like a dream and looks irresistible on the skin.

It might be a concealer, but for those who can't part with contouring, this product is a great stepping stone when transitioning between contouring and bronzing. The creamy formula makes it easy to apply the colour onto the perimeters of the face. It feels comfortable on the face and resistant to creasing. This concealer won't slip or slide—just ensure that you pick up a colour that is a shade or two darker than your foundation so your skin is left looking and feeling sculpted.

Although designed for powder, the Neo Fusion is perfect for the bronzing effect, as its veil-like liquid formula fuses with the skin to carry seamless dimension when blended effortlessly around the face. Combining similar ingredients to the brand's best-selling Luminous Silk Foundation, the powder mirrors a silky finish.

Finely milled and perfectly compacted, the powder bronzer range delivers all of our bronzing needs. The orange and red undertones and buildable coverage give a natural finish that feels invisible on the skin but looks warm and radiant for the ultimate sun-kissed look.

Lightweight and mica-free, this is the bronzer you need for day-to-day when you are having a no-makeup makeup day, as the lightweight formula is feather-like on the skin and requires a build-up for a heavily defined finish. Formulated with the right balance of red and brown tones, it caters to brown skin with the warming undertones and soft, matte finish.

Combining the beauty of contour and bronzing, Brontour delivers the best of both worlds. Brought together with a highlighter, the combination offers the perfect golden shimmer across the high points of the face whilst the deeper shade opts for defining and sculpting the perimeter. Keeping the skin looking sun-kissed at all time, the combination of subtle shimmer makes for the perfect year-rounder.

Anyone who's knowledgable of Huda Beauty knows that the brand doesn't do things lightly, and its bronzers are no exception. A rich cream-to-powder contour and bronzer that is deeply pigmented to deliver anything from a natural bronzed look to a glamorously defined complexion. It has found the perfect balance between shades—a warm pigment that is set to leave an undeniable radiance. Both water-and sweat-resistant, it will carry you through any event or party.

There has to be a reason as to why Hoola Bronzer is classed as the best bronzing product on the market, right? In the latest edition, the darker shades are carved out for olive to darker skin tones, and the new shades do not disappoint. Featuring the same soft blend, buildable coverage and matte finish, the bronzer offers a recognisable depth to the face without coming off too strong.

This defines, sculpts and shapes. Encased in exquisite packaging, the ultimate bronzing duo is available in two intensities. Although there are fewer shades on offer, the duet doesn't let that stop it being universal for many brown skin tones. The super-sheer light cream is designed to draw light to the skin, therefore applying to the high points of the face will draw the right attention before the pigmented shade defines and sculpts the face with the rich and creamy texture. When combined, its power is invisible to the naked eye, but its effects are undeniable.

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