These Are the 6 Coolest British Brands on the Market Right Now

At this point, you already know that we can wax poetic about the chic je ne sais quoi quality of French-girl style. After all, we’ve discussed everything from Parisian bridal trends and under-the-radar French fashion brands to the outfit combination French girls can’t stop wearing. But now, we’re honing in on the British fashion brands that hail from just across the pond.

British fashion brands



For every Parisian who wears classic pieces that verge on the side of minimalism, there’s an equally stylish Brit with a penchant for utterly cool statement pieces. Of course, it only makes sense, given the U.K.’s rich and diverse history both in and out of the realm of fashion.

With a variety of trends that touch on London’s rebellious punk era as well as its undoubtedly stylish royal family, there’s no doubt that British fashion has developed a unique range of designers for any (and every) fashion lover—and right now, there are some that keep catching our eye. Scroll down to see them all below.

1. 16Arlington

16Arlington has made itself known for its statement-making, feather-embellished pieces. In other words: occasionwear. However, it also has a handful of edgy pieces to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

2. Lisou

If you’re the type of person who loves to wear vibrant colors, Lisou was made for you. The founder, Rene McDonald, focuses on making bright and playful pieces that also feel timeless.

3. Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is a sustainable luxury brand to keep on your radar for cool pieces that feel fresh and unique while maintaining an air of polish. You’ll find everything from fresh takes on denim jackets to elegant gowns for special occasions.

4. Molly Goddard

For anyone who wants to make a major statement, look to Molly Goddard. The designer has become known for her voluminous, frothy dresses—which has been seen on the likes of Rihanna. 

5. Rixo

By now, you’ve probably become familiar with the It girl–approved brand Rixo, which captured the hearts of fashion lovers everywhere with its fresh patterns and vibrant color palettes. Whether you’re shopping for a dress to wear to the office or a special occasion, Rixo has you covered.

6. Shrimps

Loved among editors and fashion lovers alike, Shrimps has all of the cheerful clothes and accessories you could want to brighten up your wardrobe. If you aren’t sure where to start, opt for the brand’s cult-favorite Antonia bag, which will go with everything you own.