6 Searingly Accurate Examples of Having Brit-Girl Style

Whether working wardrobe magic on Emma Watson's outstanding Beauty and the Beast promo tour (something you can ogle in more detail over on this somewhat genius dedicated Instagram account) or perfecting the ultimate red carpet look for the girls we're always watching—think Sophie Turner or Lily James—Rebecca Corbin-Murray is the British A-list stylist we a) couldn't imagine fashion life without and b) would really, really, really like to go shopping with. Her roster of clients reads like a who's who of the best dressed women of our time, so it's no wonder she's made it onto The Hollywood Reporter's revered Most Powerful Stylists list two years in a row. Look a level deeper, and you'll find that Rebecca herself also has a personal style to rival any, which is why we are thrilled to have her on board at Who What Wear UK to answer your burning fashion questions each month.


Style du Monde

Every British woman knows that it's the weather that dictates our style. We've had to learn savvy ways of dressing that mean we're prepared to potentially see weather from every season in one day—wind, cold, and sudden sunny afternoons followed by a torrential downpour. I believe this adds to the individuality you see in British dressing, as people have different tricks and ways of styling themselves to deal with our unreliable weather. Keep reading to see the six elements that I think British style is all about.