9 Stylish Women Across the UK Just Shared Their Spring Wish Lists With Me
9 Stylish Women Across the UK Just Shared Their Spring Wish Lists With Me

9 Stylish Women Across the UK Just Shared Their Spring Wish Lists With Me

What does British fashion actually look like? This is a question I have considered for the entirety of my career. For well over a decade now, I've been trying to pinpoint what it is that makes British fashion unique and unlike anything else we see from the other fashion capitals and beyond. The answer? Well, it's just not that simple. The nuances of how Brits and those who reside here dress are complex. As a country hooked on heritage, there's no doubt that the influence of the past comes into play. Though, ours is diverse with inspirations so intertwined it can make it all the more challenging to trace back. That's not to say, however, that we're stuck in a bygone time. British designers and brands are some of the most groundbreaking in the world, continuously challenging the status quo and thinking anew; something that trickles into the everyday outfits we see in our small but mighty country.

You need only look at the ensembles you see on the streets of your hometown or the city where you currently reside to witness our own special breed of style dichotomy. In doing so, you'll see minimalist outfits, maximalist outfits, androgynous outfits, polished outfits and hard-to-define outfits. There are looks built on the high street, sourced second-hand or afforded by luxury, peppered with undertones of punk, Y2K, and Victoriana for good eclectic measure. It's this unpredictability and experimental flair that makes British style so fascinating and why I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at what the current fashion climate is across the country. Of course, I can only be in one place at any given time, so I sought the help of some well-positioned friends from all over the United Kingdom to give me a more accurate depiction of the fashion goings-on in the places they respectively live, be it Edinburgh, London, Belfast, or Brighton. In addition, they've shared their new-season wish lists exclusively with me. Even at a glance, I can see some interesting patterns emerge, which provide even further insight into the British aesthetic as it is now. Let's hand it over to them, shall we?


@kimturkington_/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"Having lived in London for a long time, I was interested to see how the aesthetic in Belfast, my hometown, differed. Perhaps it's because I also have a pared-back sense of style, but that's something I see here, too; a focus on basics like jeans but with current fits such as the slouchy silhouette."

Kim's Wish List

"Because you can never stray too far from a coat living in Northern Ireland, I've had this one from Toteme on my wish list for a while. The brand gets outerwear right every single time. Forever pieces, perfectly executed."

"I'm a huge denim fan, and this season, I'll be playing with looser fits. Weekday is always a good go-to, and I love the lighter wash of these baggier, straight-leg jeans."

"I have had my eye on this bouclé jacket from Arket for a while now; the off-white colour will definitely carry through the season. Personally, I love the idea of dressing it down with denim."

"This may be the year I give skirts a go, something I would usually shy away from. I love this style playing on the utilitarian trend for a more casual look."

"Brighten up the new season with colourful knitwear. COS always has great-quality knitwear with interesting details. I love the colour and the neckline on this chunky knit."


@daniellejinadu/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"Bomber jackets and low-rise maxi or knee-length skirts are all the rage right now in London, and I think they will continue to be as we move into spring. I'm also looking forward to seeing a lot of beautiful floral motifs and embellishments on accessories set against stripped-back outfits, as so beautifully demonstrated by Magda Butrym, with its stunning corsage-inspired looks. This is a look I can see Londoners easily adopting."

Danielle's Wish List

"Maxi coats are having a moment this season, and this light-lemon colourway will carry through seamlessly into spring."

"If anything is going to convince me to retire my boots, it's these heeled mules."

"Can you picture this dress with the above coat? I know I can."

"I live in my current leather jacket, so I know this will be a sound investment."

"Knitted dresses are my go-to year-round; this sleeveless style is open to many layering scenarios, too."


@alexisforeman/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"Brighton has always been a colourful city, and although nothing will tear me away from my neutral palette, I am keen to wear a bit more colour this season, too. So who knows? Maybe I'll fit in more with my surroundings."

Alexis's Wish List

"I've been completely obsessed with this jacket ever since seeing Taylor Russell wearing it via @thepeoplegallery_. I would style it exactly as she did—with vintage Levi's and loafers."

"This is the perfect little bag! Chic and hands-free."

"I've been craving some black trainers, and these look so cool."

"I already have a couple of Annika Inez pieces and would love to add these to my collection. These heart-shaped earrings make a cool but romantic statement."

"I love a large tote bag, so I'm always on the lookout for a good one. This style is a great size, and the adjustable straps will come in handy."


@modestmira/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"Typically the fashion [in Birmingham] is pretty bright and bold, but I've been seeing a lot more neutrals crop up on the streets and Instagram lately. Top-to-toe tonal outfits always look elegant—I love wearing them, too!—but I can't deny a pop of colour now and then to represent the city's boldness and fun."

Amira's Wish List

"I consider oversized blazers a staple piece in my wardrobe; they've always been an item I reach for when I'm after a more tailored but relaxed aesthetic. I currently have my eye on Arket's Hopsack blazer in either black or beige. I'm leaning more towards neutral colours this spring with the odd pop of colour."

"A huge fan of denim in general, so I am definitely on board with the baggy-jeans trend. This MM6 Maison Margiela pair is a fun addition to my collection, as it has an asymmetrically panelled leg; something I haven't worn before. I think it is such a versatile piece and can add character to your outfit—the wash being perfect for spring, too."

"It's known that we love to carry a lot around with us—that's certainly the case in my experience, anyway. So I was glad to hear that jumbo bags are popping back up this spring. I have had my eye on this lovely Jigsaw bag for a while now, and I think it would make a perfect go-to style during the spring/summer season. Keeping in line with the neutral tones I'm leaning towards right now, it will work with practically everything I currently own."

"Already the It shoe this season, and I don't see that changing any time soon. Loafers are a classic footwear option to add to your collection—not to mention comfortable! Perfect for running errands around in. I already own a black pair but currently have this burgundy pair from Massimo Dutti on my wish list. I find burgundy is good colour to start with if you're still a little anxious about trying coloured footwear."

"I really love the colour of this Loulou Studio sweater. This saffron shade is something we'll be seeing more of this season, and it adds such a lovely pop of colour to any outfit."


@louisahatt/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"Cargo clothing is a trend that remains very popular in Edinburgh right now. I've seen cargo pockets on skirts, jeans and trousers. I think it's popular because it's a practical and useful trend. I love pockets, so the more, the better."

Louisa's Wish List

"I don't have a leather blazer, because I've been looking for the perfect one. I think I've just found it."

"I don't think beaded bags should be kept for special occasions. This ornate beauty would look great with double denim." 

"I love navy coats, and the simple details with interesting silhouette make this a classic piece."

"A classic pair of boots with a walkable heel height. I love the colour of this pair, as it'd be perfect for a cream tonal look."

"This jumpsuit would look great dressed up with metallic slingbacks or down with trainers."


@carolinestylehacks/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"Glasgow has a big going-out scene, so the fashion can be quite glamorous, which is fun! This year, however, it's great to see lots of people wearing more colour in the city. It doesn't need to be head-to-toe brights, but mixing in pops of colour and textures to add interest seems to be the thing right now." 

Caroline's Wish List

"I'm drawn to cropped jackets this season to pair with my wide-leg or loose jeans. This one is incredibly classic."

"This leopard skirt is something you can layer now but also wear in the height of summer. I always look for pieces that will work all year round to ensure the investment is worth it."

"I tried these wish-list ballet pumps on in Gucci a few months ago, and I love the fact they're stunning wear-forever shoes you can actually walk in! I'm also eyeing them in the fresh white leather."

"An affordable way to add some colour to neutrals or mix with more brights. This is a great bag from COS."

"A sustainable brand that makes the comfiest, relaxed-fit clothing to wear, whether you're pregnant or not."


@edaowofashion/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"Right now in Manchester, there's a bit of a clash in terms of colour palettes. Yes, there's still the darker hues of winter, but I'm seeing lots of lovely pastel tones cutting through them, too."

Damilola's Wish List:

"I am obsessing over the famous Toteme fringe wool scarf coat. I love all the colours, but the new beige iteration definitely has me in a bind."

"I'm not usually one to fawn over an ankle boots, but these are just perfect. A great investment piece that you can wear with so many outfits."

"I'm here for the boxy and relaxed fit of this coat. This new pink colour is absolutely beautiful and a total eye-catcher; it just screams spring."

"There's a new pillow-style update to the famous Jacquemus Le Bambino bag. I'm a big fan of the Pillow Tabby from Coach and also a lover of the OG Jacquemus bag, so this new style has definitely caught my eye."

"I simply adore the mix of materials in this coat. Plus, the bomber is a key jacket silhouette for spring."


@lois_la_mode/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"The difference between Bristol and London style can vary, but there's definitely an appreciation for neutral colours and simple shapes across both. I spend a lot of time in the capital, too, and It brands like Prada and Celine seem more important than ever."

Lois's Wish List

"A pair of classic black shorts can be hard to find. I want to invest in a versatile pair that is comfy, easy to wear and can be dressed up or worn casually."

"There is a gap in my wardrobe for a white bag. I own the Loewe Puzzle bag in black, and it's a very practical crossbody and top-handle bag. This colourway is so beautiful and unique."

"I love wearing white in spring and can't believe that I don't already own a white blazer. Relaxed tailoring is my favourite style to wear. I will be swapping my darker-coloured blazers for a lighter fresher style."

"When it comes to designer purchases, they have to work hard for me to be able to justify them. After years of speculating, I still want these fisherman sandals from The Row, which are yet to date."

"A statement pair of sunglasses will never go out of style. I get so much wear out of sunglasses, and they can really make an outfit. This style is very '90s and iconic."


@sineadcrowe/WHO WHAT WEAR UK

"Stamford is a small town with lots of ultra-chic ladies and men. Though, I do find that we are a bunch of safe dressers when it comes to stepping outside of our comfort zones—that includes me! Generally lots of neutrals; think the clean-girl aesthetic. Occasionally, you'll see someone who is a bit more experimental, but I'd say overall, it's very much classic styling with key trend pieces worked in."

"I keep seeing this on Instagram and I feel like it’s the perfect spring/summer piece! I'm picturing it with cargos or tailored trousers and some chunky sandals. The added detail of the logo makes it all the more interesting."

"I am a Frankie Shop fangirl at the moment, and I already have these trousers in brown and black; I think they're the perfect fit and style. Now I want them in grey, too!"

"I just think this is the perfect shape and style of bag. It's so, so timeless, and I don't have a brown bag in my wardrobe, so it seems like fate."

"I love, love, love the denim-midi-skirt look and really want to try it this season! I would go super simple with the Loewe vest above and some sandals."

"I have these on order, so it's a bit of a cheat, but they have been on my wish list for ages! I love that you can wear them two ways thanks to the toggle at the hem and think they'll be perfect for that transitional period with trainers, boots, or sandals."