5 Pieces Later, and You've Got a Brigitte Bardot–Style Wardrobe

Much of our industry's obsession with French fashion can be pinned on the Parisian pinups of the past, with Brigitte Bardot's style being at the epicentre of it all. The actress/model/singer's on- and off-screen looks are indelibly marked in the history books, and so many of her choices are iconic today—who doesn't know the headband-and-Breton getup from Le Mepris? While Jane Birkin will forever be referenced in regard to straw baskets, it's Brigitte who you'll be able to imagine reclining on a beach towel wearing the simplest but most impactful bikini you've ever seen.

We took a dive into the archives to look at the common threads that run through Brigitte's best outfits so that you can piece together a modern version of her trusty wardrobe. True, there were many times where Brigitte was entirely naked (well, the '60s were a radical time in the movie business), we've found the five key pieces you need to re-create her best moments, and you can see the proof below. Keep reading to see Brigitte Bardot's signature style in action.