The Nail Colours the World's Most Stylish Women Are Wearing Now

When the weather gets warmer, it's fun to mix things up with your nail colours. Buh-bye to the dark-red, navy, and black polishes of the moody winter months. You served us well. Hello to the bright and bold colours of spring and summer. It's your time to shine.

That's not to say you can't wear dark colours in warmer months and bright colours in colder seasons, but there's something that just screams summer when you've got a bold manicure. There's just something cheerful and optimistic about bright colours. And don't we all need it right now?

For inspiration, I asked some of the most stylish women we know for their favourite bright colours to wear on their nails. See what they said below, and add these to your wish list.

Reds and Pinks

Bright Nail Colors: Red and Pink



Tamara Mory counts bright-red polishes as one of her go-to colours, along with burgundy, dark red, and nude when she wants something natural. "It's pretty classic, but that's what matches most of my outfits and I never get bored of. I usually wear OPI—it's my favourite," she says.

Our picks:

Is there anything chicer than this Hermès polish? This pink-red hue is ideal for summer.

Let your nails speak for themselves with a hot pink.

Neon is having a big moment right now, and this one looks just as good painted all over the nails as it does for colourful French tips.

Orange and Yellows

Bright Nail Colors: Orange and Yellow



"Yellow is such a happy colour! It brightens up your hands and makes you look more tanned. I am clearly obsessed with pastel colours." — @lauranadineherbert

Nnenna Echem recommends Essie's Check Your Baggage, a golden and sunny yellow that just exudes happiness.

Bright Nail Colors: Red



"I love Barry M and have used this brand for at least 10 years! At the moment my favourite colours are Tangerine, Pink Lemonade, Açaí Smoothie, Black Cherry, Under the Sea, and Coconut Infusion in Oyster." — @nlmarilyn

Our Picks:

If you really want to stand out, Chanel's Cap Corail is a bright, poppy orange.

This neon orange is pretty much brighter than the sun.

Yellow is an underrated nail polish colour but is so flattering and fun, especially when the weather hits the 20s.

Blues and Greens

Bright Nail Colors: Blue and Green



"You can easily match light-blue nails with lots of outfits. It's such a fresh colour!" — @lauranadineherbert

Our Picks:

If you're wary of going too bright, this subtle minty green is a good way to try it out.

Even if you can't make it to the beach, you can feel like you're there (sort of) with deep blue sea shade.


Bright Nail Colors: Purple



"It's perfect for spring/summer and the quite depressing situation right now. It's fun to play around with some colors these days!" — @thevycsource

"I love all pastel colors in general! But one of my favorites at the moment is definitely lilac." — @lauranadineherbert

Our Picks:

If you dare to go bold, try this punchy purple hue from Nails Inc.

This darker purple from Essie will still stand out.

Orly's pinkish-purple is a sweet neon polish.


A bright-white manicure is super fresh for summer. Bettina Looney recommends OPI's Funny Bunny, a pearly white that you can keep sheer or layer for a more opaque look.

"I ALWAYS have white nail polish with me whenever I go on vacation. It's my go-to nail polish for beach days!" — @lauranadineherbert

Our Picks:

With this polish, it doesn't take too many layers to get that chic, opaque look.

Essie's Blanc leaves a sleek, glossy finish.

This creamy white nail polish will make your nails shine, but it's also formulated with extra ingredients to strengthen your nails.

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