Fashion People Are Wearing This Blazer-and-Jeans Outfit on Repeat

Why is it that the older you get, the less time you seem to have to do, well, just about anything? I swear that in my twenties, I spent a good hour getting ready in the mornings, painting on my makeup with the precision of a master artist and pouring a considerable amount of effort into selecting the perfect shoes to match my handbag (which, yes, I'd change daily). Now, I'm all about simple solutions that make my life easier and don't require more than a few minutes to complete. Take, for example, my beauty routine, which I've pared right back. I've also adopted new dressing habits, and I'm all about effortless combinations that look anything but. I want pieces that you can throw together but still look polished. And my favourite such pairing is a blazer-and-jeans combo.

I'm under no illusion that this pairing is a new look (not by a long stretch), but it serves me well. However, I've noticed that fashion people have been giving this classic outfit some fresh 2022 flair. Instead of turning to the tonal and neutral blazers that have dominated the past few seasons, those in the know have begun wearing the tailoring staple in super-saturated shades. Bright colours dominated the runway, so it was only a matter of time before they began infiltrating our wardrobes.

Between Kelly green, vibrant tangerine, and the hottest of hot pinks, this season's trending tones will sway even those with minimalistic aesthetics. And fashion people have found the perfect way to style their bright blazers for day-to-day wear. Yep, you guessed it: with jeans. But the time for words is over. Let this selection of bright blazer-and-jeans outfits do the talking. Scroll on to see your new go-to outfit combination for 2022.

Bright Blazer and Jeans Outfits: @cocobassey wears a lime blazer



Style Notes: Why restrict your outfit to one bright piece? Here, Coco creates the coolest clash between her lime blazer and orange bag, which she then neutralises with classic blue denim. 

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Zara has some of the best bright blazers on the high street right now. 

These are ideal if you want to tap into the looser-jean trend without feeling drowned in denim. 

Style Notes: You needn't stick to blue jeans when you're trying this look—white and ecru styles can actually make your bright blazer even more impactful. 

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The satin texture of this blazer means it hangs beautifully. 

Barrel-leg jeans are going to be huge this summer. 

Bright Blazer and Jeans Outfits: @greceghanem wears a lilac blazer



Style Notes: Lilac mightn't be the brightest hue in this edit, but it's certainly worth noting considering the shade is one of the biggest trends for spring/summer 2022. 

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Cropped blazers are, um, cropping up everywhere right now. 

Keep your rips to one area on your jeans, and they'll look more polished. 

Bright Blazer and Jeans Outfits: @basma_k wears an orange blazer



Style Notes: Orange tones are currently everywhere, and one of the easiest ways to inject them into your wardrobe is by way of an orange blazer. I love how this one elevates an otherwise entirely cream ensemble. So chic. 

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This chic blazer comes in so many colours. 

Style Notes: We noted pillars of colour as another trend in our bumper report. Essentially, this means wearing one shade top to toe. A simple way to achieve this look is to wear blue jeans with a sharp blue blazer, of course.

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If you're into oversize blazer silhouettes, this one's for you. 

Keep your jean leg tapered to place more emphasis on an oversize blazer. 

Style Notes: Yellow tones always make a comeback in summer. If you're planning on spending much of the season on home soil, I suggest channeling yellow by way of a blazer, which will become your go-to piece on days when a cover-up is essential but you still want to look and feel summery.

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The subtle jacquard texture on this blazer elevates it to no end. 

Dark denim looks great against punchy colours. 

Bright Blazer and Jeans Outfits: @emilisindlev was a neon green blazer



Style Notes: If you thought the other blazers in my edit were bright, just feast your eyes on this Jacquemus number. Make like Emili and pair it with traditional blue denim and white separates. 

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The blazer every fashion person has on their 2022 wish list. 

Ripped hems are timeless, and I don't understand how anyone could think otherwise.

Style Notes: As cool as pink is, sometimes, it can look a little too saccharine depending on how it's styled. Counter this by wearing a bright-pink blazer with some edgy ripped jeans and off-beat accessories. 

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Bright Blazer and Jeans Outfits: @ninasandbech wears a bright purple blazer



Style Notes: Pantone proclaimed periwinkle its colour of the year, so it's no wonder that the shade is making an appearance in the outfits of Instagram's boldest dressers. Here, Nina pairs hers with some cream jeans for a pretty contrast that makes a statement. 

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This doesn't look like it's from the high street. 

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