How to Style Your Bridal Party for Cooler Temps: 6 Dos and Don’ts

Autumn and winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular, but finding seasonally appropriate bridesmaids looks can still be challenging. I spoke with a few industry experts to get their tips on how to keep your bridal party stylish in cooler temps, scroll down to get the scoop!


Jose Villa

Don’t: Go for barely-there bridesmaid dresses.

Do: Opt for more coverage.

“Even if the temperatures haven't fully dropped, opt for more coverage with a one-shoulder dress and add dark accessories like these black earrings to give your bridesmaids a fall/winter look.” — Lynn Easton, Owner Easton Events


Tec Petaja

Don’t: Pick light pastels.

Do: Opt for fall's jewel-tone colours.

“Use Mother Nature for all she’s worth and embrace those fall colors.” — Erin Casey Wolf, Co-Franchiser, Bella Bridesmaids


Erich McVey Photography

Don’t: Go strapless.

Do: Pick a long-sleeve dress.

“I love it when my clients and their wedding parties take the season and climate into consideration when selecting wardrobe. Bridesmaids in long-sleeve dresses always look beautiful and tie in with the decor and vibe of a fall/winter wedding. Plus, they're comfortable and warm for outdoor photos!” — Erich McVey, Owner/Lead Photographer Erich McVey Photography


Brian Dorsey Studios

Don’t: Go for neutrals in warm tones.

Do: Select neutrals in earth tones.

“For all our nature lovers, choosing a rustic look in neutral earth tones helps to set the scene. Let the changing leaves be your color-pop!“ — Brian Dorsey, Founder, Brian Dorsey Studios


Ashley Kelemen Photography

Don’t: Go with lightweight materials.

Do: Mix textures and heavier fabrics.

“Mix and match fabrics, textures and silhouettes to keep dark, winter colors from feeling too heavy.” — Ashley Kelemen, Owner, Ashley Kelemen Photography


Justin DeMutiis Photography 

Don't: Go for summer accessories.

Do: Add festive details like fur or sequins.

“This is also a great time of year to add festive details like sequins and fur to the bridesmaids’ look. Grey is one of our favorite colours this season in the south, where it never gets too cold but you want to avoid looking like you dressed your girls for summer.” — Tracie Domino, Founder and Creative Director, Tracie Domino Events

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