Hey, 2020 Bridesmaids—These Are the Dresses to Start Dropping Hints About

We all know that trends flit in and out of the fashion ether in a cyclical manner. They come, go and come back again. It's just the way things are. And the same goes for wedding trends, too. While they may appear less fleeting, they too change on a seasonal basis. Certain colours will peak in popularity at particular times, and as far as dresses and outfits are concerned, silhouettes will be favoured over others at specific periods.

Having already detailing 2020's top wedding dress trends for brides, we decided it was high time the faithful bridesmaids were given the same attention to detail. After all, whether you're the lucky bride-to-be or you've been asked to stand by your BFF's side as she ties the knot, you're going to want to look your best and compliment the overall mood of the day in the process.

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After copious amounts of research, scrolling through every new-in section imaginable, we can say with the utmost confidence that these will be the bridesmaid dress trends that'll define 2020. The colour palette errs on the fresh side of the colour spectrum, with midis and maxis painted in an array of candy hues. That being said, there are also a few curveballs in there (think jumpsuits and even co-ords). Intrigued? Scroll down to see and shop the bridesmaid dresses that are trending this season.


More and more we're seeing brides opting for white bridesmaid dresses and jumpsuits—particularly when their bridal gown is a different hue. We think it gives the entire wedding party an air of sophistication.


For city and beach ceremonies, we're seeing co-ord become increasingly popular amongst guests and bridesmaids alike. While you can choose different colours for the top and bottom half, the easiest way to channel the trend is to invest in a matching set, of which there's plenty of. 


This tone has taken a bit of a backseat on the wedding circuit over the last few years, but now, mint hues—the type that's reminiscent of candied almonds—are back in a big way for bridesmaids in 2020. The key to making this throwback hue look modern is to look for pared-back silhouettes and avoid froth at all costs.


If your girls aren't the fancy frock type, appease their needs with a jumpsuit instead. Keep the fabric choice luxe—think velvet, satin or jacquard—to ensure the all-in-one rises to the occasion and doesn't feel too casual. 


While things have been notably minimal on the bridesmaid scene of late, we think the coming year will see embellished bridesmaid dresses make a monumental comeback (it is the '20s, after all). 

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