4 Items Later, and Your Bridal Shower Outfit Is Set

When it comes to weddings and wedding-related events, there can be added pressure to have outfits that are perfectly styled. They’ll be documented in photos, added to a wedding hashtag and looked back on for years ahead. And while there are plenty of options to wear on your wedding, picking out something to wear for the events leading up to your big day can be a little more challenging. So we’re diving into the best bridal shower outfits for the bride, built around four easy pieces.

Sticking to a feminine dress is always a foolproof option, and a romantic style with ruffles and lace is perfect for the occasion. But if you want to try something a little outside the norm, we encourage you to give it a try. A flowy jumpsuit can look just as elegant when worn with strappy sandals and a pastel clutch. And jeans paired with a structured top and pearl-encrusted mules are just right for a more relaxed event. Want to see the outfit pairings we recommend?

Keep reading to see four bridal shower outfits for the bride, no matter what your style is.