Did You Know Miley Cyrus's Sister Brandi Is a Fashion Blogger?

There's a saying that no day is wasted as long as you learn at least one new thing—and you can thank us later, because we're about to teach you something. Miley Cyrus's older sister Brandi is a fashion blogger! She started her blog, Style Native, at the end of last summer, and we had a chance to chat with her about her sartorial undertaking.

"I did not realise how big a job it was going to be," Brandi exclusively shares with Who What Wear. "In a way, even though I’m styling myself for this blog, I feel like it challenges me to expand my style and grow. I've gotten much more creative since I started it."

Another fun fact? In addition to blogging, Brandi was recently tapped to host The Queue, a video series on new site POPULAR. On it, she talks about what she's loving in the realm of music videos, fashion films, and really any kind of film art. You can watch her debut episode here.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favourite of Brandi's #OOTDs, and to learn more about her style!