#TuesdayShoesday: 6 of the Best Bow-Embellished Flats

If you haven’t got a pair of bow-topped shoes yet, just where have you been? This niche footwear trend started small and grows bigger (in all ways) by the day. First it was Joshua Sanders who planted gigantic ones onto skate sneakers and No.21 who twisted and tied up satin into dressy mules for the FROW set, and now you’ll find that these embellished styles are selling like hotcakes at Zara. No sandal, court, trainer or slide could possibly be complete without one. However, we're particularly keen on anything flat with a bow because it provides our high demand for comfort with the right amount of dressiness. Basically the holy grail for happy feet.

So for this #TuesdayShoeday we’ve edited through the lot, providing you with a curated selection of only the finest flat shoes topped with bows. Get scrolling to shop them…

These come in three colourways, so you've got a big decision to make.

Yes, these have a crystal monkey brooch on the front.

It's bring your bow-shoes to work day.

We can imagine the Olsen twins wearing these at night with an oversize black dress.

For those rainy days where only closed-toe will do.

Which pair have you earmarked? Let us know in the comments box below.

Opening Image: Miista

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