6 Boots That Should Be Worn With Skirts to Be Fully Appreciated

Any trouser-phobe will tell you that skirts aren't only for summer; they open up a world of styling opportunities come winter, too. All you need are the perfect boots to pair with them. 

This season, however, it seems there are more boot options to choose from than ever before—hiker, thigh-high, combat, lace-up, Western, to name but a few—which in turn makes deciphering which styles look best with which outfits all the more difficult. So, shifting our focus back onto the aforementioned skirt, we decided to uncover the best boots to wear with skirts, with a little help from some of our fashion friends. 

Keep scrolling to see six flawless boot-and-skirt pairings. Then, proceed to shop everything you need to re-create the look for yourself. 


Boots to Wear With Skirts: @monikh wears a pair of suede boots



While leather styles work just as well with skirts, there's no denying that the softer finish of suede loans itself to floatier skirting. Monikh's knitted midi looks the retro part with her tan numbers. 

Boots to Wear With Skirts: @ada_oguntodu wears a pair of slouch boots



Slouchy, knee-high boots look excellent with just about every skirt length, but they look their best with a miniskirt, as evidenced by Ada. Add sheer tights if you prefer more coverage. 


Key details, such as lace-up fronts, are too pretty to be covered up by long trousers. Instead, pair them with a split-front or wrap skirt like Jessie to show them off to great avail. 


Boots to Wear With Skirts: @ruerodier wears a pair of white boots



Much like suede, white and ecru tones offer a softer boot alternative to that of the often-favoured black-leather styles. We love how Marissa wears her white ankle boots with black opaque tights. 

For some skirts, structured boots can look too chunky. In this instance, turn your attention to sock-style boots that fit tightly around the ankle to create a streamlined leg silhouette. Case in point: Ellie's neoprene pair. 


Western boots look cool with just about anything you throw at them, though mini pelmet skirts, much like Chloe's, offer an unexpected and modern alternative to prairie dresses and blue denim. 

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