3 Major Boot Trends That Will Feel Just as Relevant in 2022

As the runways become increasingly seasonless, so do our wardrobes. This, of course, is aided by the fact we live in Britain, where only a few weeks in the summer and winter feel truly distinguishable. As a consequence, boots have become something of a year-round staple, which makes investing in the right pair so important. Get it right, and you'll have purchased something you could very realistically wear for near-enough 300 days out of the year (give or take). And it just so happens now is the perfect time to discuss the boot trends that matter in 2021 that you can carry through to next year, too. 

Boot trends 2021: street styler wearing black boots


Style Stalker

After considering the most noteworthy ensembles with boots from the 2021 runways, you can see there are some key looks that are perennial and don’t feel tethered to any particular season. Still, this is winter, so they’ll need to hold up in the colder weather, too. Thankfully, these pairs are more than up to the challenge. 

Boot trends 2021


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Below, there are three key looks we've identified from the whole year, which we've worn and will continue to wear for the entirety of 2022. While there isn't anything totally groundbreaking, don't let that dismay you. This means the pairs on offer are timeless and won't feel dated when you come to pull them on six months down the road.

Keep scrolling to see the three boot trends that have taken over 2021 and that will get your wardrobe off to the best possible start in 2022.

1. Cowboy Boots

Boot trends 2021: Isabel Marant on the runway



Isabel Marant A/W 21 runway 

This year, the maximalist aesthetic is back—stripes, purples, pinks, metallics, and embellishments for the ultimate colourful cowboy boots. However, they weren’t all statements. On the autumn runways, cowboy boots became more minimalist and classic, such as the offering over at Celine. Opt for whichever look speaks to you. 

Boot trends 2021: Celine on the runway



Celine A/W 21 runway

2. Chunky Boots

Boot trends 2021: Holzweiler runway 2021



Holzweiler A/W 21 runway

Chunky boots aren't going anywhere. While they were slightly pared back at Celine, over at Ganni (and plenty of other shows), the super-chunky lug sole is back. So don't go dismissing this trend just yet. 

3. Spike-Toe Boots

Boot trends 2021: Petar Petrov autumn/winter 2021 runway



Petar Petrov A/W 21 runway

Yep, they're back. After their brief hiatus, we can't shake the impression that the style gods (aka the biggest fashion houses in the world) are signalling a return of spiky-toe boots. Seen at Balmain and over at Balenciaga, this is the trend that is a surprising wardrobe classic and very Y2K.

Boot trends 2021: balenciaga autumn/winter 2021


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Balenciaga A/W 21 runway