9 New Boot Trends That Work for Budgets and Shopping Blowouts

Twisting the words of T. S. Eliot a bit, September is the cruelest month. Summer is down to its final hurrah, your next holiday feels like eons away and that carefully nurtured tan has long departed. On the bright side, you can channel that back-to-school feeling into a wardrobe reboot—reboot being the operative word, as A/W 17 is all about boots in every shape and size imaginable.

You see, there’s usually one standout boot style per year to make things easy. This season, however, we’ve seen short, tall, shiny, matte, black, acid-bright—literally any boot permutation seems permissible. Saint Laurent showed a pair of scrunched, rhinestone-covered knee-highs at Paris Fashion Week (immediately generating a hefty waiting list despite the £6885 price tag), Gucci had heavily embroidered boots that cut off mid-calf, and Burberry went with pointed black sock boots that appeared suctioned to the leg.

The street style set isn’t making it any easier. Fashion buyer Annabel Rosendahl posted a boot selfie (a boofie?) of her clingy, zanily printed Balenciaga boots on Instagram at Oslo Fashion Week, where there were also snakeskin-like cowboy boots and Louis Vuitton’s optic-white over-the-knees in attendance. The message? Any style that floats your boat is fair game this autumn, as long as it makes a statement.

To help you sort patent from pirate (all will be revealed), here are the top nine trends in the boot department.