While You Were Sleeping: This Week's Stories You Can't Miss

Catch up over your Sunday coffee/tea/brunch with our biggest and best stories of the week!

1. As it turns out, there are only five boot styles you really need in your closet. This makes things easier!

2. Stunning Always Judging blogger Courtney Trop styled four perfect fall outfits for us. 

3. We learned that you can make boyfriend jeans look sexy ... and it's really not that difficult.

4. Going to more weddings? Here are the top faux pas you definitely don't want to commit.

5. Looking instantly cooler is much easier than it seems. A few small changes, and you're good to go.

6. Our ultra-fun quiz reveals which music video you'd probably be a backup dancer in. Beyoncé, anyone?

7. Blogger Aimee Song took us on a super-chic vacation to Sicily. Sigh.

8. It-girl Dree Hemingway exclusively shared her tips for dressing like, well, an It-girl. 

9. We pondered the outfits that are most likely to help you find a solid boyfriend.

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