How Boomerang Has Totally Affected What Fashion Girls Wear

We're all aware of the fact that social media as a whole has changed the fashion game. It's made anyone and everyone open to sharing, replicating and commenting on outfits across the globe. It's paved the way for a new kind of democracy in what used to be a fairly elitist world, and our eyes have been opened to individual style in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and so on. We can shop directly from girls who we admire but we've never met, and we can put our own looks out there for admiration. But there's one particular app that is shifting how we document what we wear and, well, what we're even wearing at all: Boomerang. 

Have you used Boomerang yet? It's the app adopted by fashion girls who like to have fun—a peppy pick-me-up in a sea of more serious style-heavy snaps. Boomerang offers some light fashion relief, but we've noticed a pattern for when it's employed that's led us to realise that some clothes are good Boomerang clothes—practically made for it, and perhaps some of us even set about putting together an ensemble for the purpose of this Instagram add-on alone—and some are not. 

Basically, good Boomerang clothes are ruffles, blouson sleeves, major volume, thigh slits, metallics, satin, anything embellished and, of course, fringing. Funnily enough, all of those are really key trends right now… Just saying.

Scroll down to see some of our favourite Boomerang fashion moments, then shop for the perfect looks below…

Camille Charrieré knows a full set of frills makes the most Boomerang impact. Shake it.


A video posted by Alexa (@alexachung) on

Alexa Chung got the memo too, only she's using Erdem as her flamenco canvas.


A video posted by Gilda Ambrosio (@gildaambrosio) on

Sparkly shoes that reflect the light are a Boomerang magpie's first choice.

Ruffles go the distance, so you may as well wear two lots, like Tamu McPherson.


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As important as the right outfit is, never forget the power of a weird prop.


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Yes, a strong breeze is preferable when trying to capture movement.

The power of a thigh-slit and a billowing maxi? Trust ADR to get it spot on.


Sunshine reggae ???? @lotko #philip30 @gare_du_robe

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Pernille knows the impact a tassel trim can offer at any given event.


A video posted by Kristina Bazan (@kristinabazan) on

An embellished dress AND a room of mirrors? Well, you know Kristina Bazan is a blogging pro.

Nobody can stop the big sleeves from getting onto Boomerang.

Go through the gallery to see our top Boomerang-friendly fashion buys…

These sleeves are practically shouting out "spin around." 

A trophy jacket that wins on social media? Like.

Catch these in the light and you're onto a smash-hit.

Because good Boomerang OOTDs shouldn't stop when the weather gets cold.

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