The Boob Fashion Trend That Is Taking Over in 2017

The Free the Nipple campaign was unavoidable in 2014, but three years later, bosoms are taking over our Instagram feeds, thanks to an unlikely fashion trend. A white T-shirt with illustrations of boobs over the chest by Never Fully Dressed became Insta-famous earlier this year after being worn by likes of Kendall Jenner and Camille Charrière, and now the £32 tee just dropped on Topshop. Plus, there's a sweatshirt version so you can layer up your cheeky boob pieces. This isn't the only boob-related item to take over Instagram, as Anissa Kermiche's playful boobies necklace has been worn by Pandora Sykes. Plus there's Paloma Wool's cult shirt covered in Life Drawing sketches, which keeps selling out.

Scroll below to see—and shop—the nipple-themed items that have been trending throughout 2017.

Boob fashion trend: Camille Charriere boob t shirt


Sandra Semberg

Camille Charrière flashed her Never Fully Dressed boobs tee at fashion week, which she wore with vinyl trousers and a striped jumper.

Kendall Jenner T Shirt boob


Getty Images

Kendall Jenner earlier this year wore a cropped version of the tee.

Boob fashion trend: Pandora Sykes boob necklace Anissa Kermiche



Pandora Sykes helped to make the Anissa Kermiche Rubies Boobies necklace Instagram famous.

This cropped white tee has just landed on Topshop.

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