Bodysuits Are the Key to Looking Put-Together—8 Outfits That Prove My Point

For the longest time, I really didn't get the hype surrounding bodysuits. Surely they're incredibly uncomfortable. Wouldn't the cut give me VPL through my jeans? These are a couple of things that were holding me back from actually trying one. Then I did, and everything changed. Now, I don't wear bodysuits on a daily basis, but I do have a couple in my basics drawer which I think have elevated my outfits. That's right; elevated. Most are made from stretchy fabrications, which mould perfectly to your shape, making for a clean and fuss-free silhouette that allows for endless styling options. This is an easy starting point for a great outfit

To better prove my point, I've assembled eight bodysuit outfit ideas I think showcase the staple at its best. From jeans and denim skirts to tailoring and statement prints, there's no pairing a bodysuit won't work with. Scroll on, I’ll show you. 

1. Bodysuit + Demin Skirt + Boots

Bodysuit Outfit Ideas: @amagodson_a wears a bodysuit



Style Notes: Bodysuits are great for styling with items where you want to ensure your top doesn't ride up. Pair with an on-trend denim skirt for a look that's simple but feels extremely current. 

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Our editor-in-chief, Hannah Almassi, swears by Wolford basics. 

A great denim midi can be worn in all seasons. 

The perfect heel height for all day comfort. 

2. Bodysuit + Blazer Dress + Patterned Tights

Style Notes: Mini hemlines are all over the runway and market this season; whenever I wear something shorter than where my fingertips reach, I always pip a bodysuit on underneath for extra coverage and warmth. 

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The satin-like lapels are a nice touch. 

With silver metallic threads for a shimmering finish.

3. Shirt + Bodysuit + Wide-Leg Trousers

Bodysuit Outfit Ideas: @rosiehw layers her bodysuit under a shirt



Style Notes: Bodysuits loan themselves well to layering situations; take Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who has styled her now sold-out Zara (yes, Zara!) bodysuit with a loose shirt overtop. 

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Raey always comes through with elevated basics. 

This comes in three other great shades. 

4. Bodysuit + Suit

Bodysuit Outfit Ideas: @modedamour wears a bodysuit with slouchy tailoring



Style Notes: Slouchy tailoring is still very much a thing this season; counteract the volume by wearing a simple, vest-style bodysuit as your top. 

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A black blazer is a key style for so many outfits. 

The scoop neckline is really elegant. 

COS does some of the best tailoring on the high street. 

5. Bodysuit + Gilet + Jeans

Style Notes: There's no easier outfit than a bodysuit and jeans! Personally, I prefer thin styles so as to eliminate the cut of the suit from being visible through the denim. Ever the reliable layering piece, I love Anna's combination of a long-sleeve bodysuit and sheepskin gilet. 

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Brown and blue is one of my favourite combinations. 

6. Bodysuit + Skirt + Slingback Shoes

Bodysuit Outfit Ideas: @dawn.tan wears a t-shirt style bodysuit with a denim midi skirt



Style Notes: Combine two of the above outfits to create this sleek blazer, bodysuit, and denim skirt triad. Then, for the ultimate 2023 finish, round things off with a pair of slingback shoes. 

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A t-shirt version will be so versatile.

These are on my dream wish list. 

7. Bodysuit + Leather Trousers

Style Notes: Don't think you need to stick to black, white and beige—bright bodysuits are an easy way to pep up your basics and bring some colour into your daily wares. Just ask Isabelle, who uses hers to lift a pair of leather trousers.

8. Bodysuit + Printed Skirt + Clutch Bag



Style Notes: For a low-key evening ensemble, a bodysuit is a great starting point. From there, add a sleek skirt or trousers, grab your fanciest bag, and voila! You're good to go. 

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Upgrade any outfit with this playful print skirt. 

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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