Fashion Girls Are Secretly Shopping at Boden for This Item

Anyone who knows me well will be aware of my surprising Boden obsession. Actually, it's no great secret: I'm a loud and proud Boden shopper (have been for some time). One year, I sidestepped my regular Miu Miu addiction and bought three pairs of the same Boden sandals in different colours; they were that perfect.

I'm a fan of the trousers because Boden actually, unlike so many other stores, offers a petite cut. The cashmere sweaters are affordable (in the grand scheme of cashmere sweaters), and you can throw them in the washing machine.

Which leads me to my new intel from Boden HQ: Fashion girls everywhere are snapping up the kids' biggest-size jumpers (that's 15–16Y, which equates to an adult size 8–10) and claiming them as their own.

Next up, the best winter coats for your early-autumn fix.

Opening Image: Collage Vintage

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