29 Blunt Bobs That Are Making Me Completely Rethink Having Long Hair

Having a hairdresser for a mum has meant that I've done just about everything you can think of to my hair. I've been platinum blonde, mahogany brown and everything in-between. I've framed my face with feathering and had thick fringes cut in. I've had hair down to my waist and chopped to my chin. It's fair to say I was pretty earless with my tresses. That is until I got older.

I don't know why, but for some reason, I've defaulted to long length hair in a creamy hue with lived-in roots. Now, though, after witnessing some impressive hair transformations on Instagram of late, I'm finally going to give my 'do a refresh. And the look I'm toying with is a blunt bob.

The blunt bob has undergone a bit of a resurgence in 2019. A far cry from the dreaded bowl cut, instead, influencers and A-listers alike are opting for jaw-skimming hairstyles that feel modern, refreshing, grown-up, and just a little bit sexy. My rationale? It's only hair, so I suggest going as sharp as possible, much like Emma Hill or Lily James. However, should it feel too severe, you can always ask your stylist to take some of the weight out of the ends of your hair, which will subtly soften the appearance of your 'do while maintaining its sleek silhouette. Case in point? Brittany Xavier or Jourdan Dunn.

If you too are looking to change up your hair before the year is out, scroll below to see 27 gorgeous blunt bob hairstyles.

Brittany's dark brows and bob are a match made in heaven. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: Lily James with a blunt bob hairstyle



Lily James knows that blunt bobs always look their best set against a roll-neck. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @vanessahong with a blunt bob hairstyle



The subtle wave Vanessa has added to the midpoint of her hair gives it texture without compromising on the bluntness of the ends. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @frannyfyne with a blunt bob hairstyle



Franny proves that the blunt bob can only be improved by the addition of beautiful braids. 

The only thing that can make a blunt bob look even cooler? The addition of a beret. 

Charlotte ticks off two hair trends in one with her chin-grazing length and blunt fringe. 

Collarbone lengths can still pull off the blunt look. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @emmahill with a blunt bob hairstyle



Emma Hill went for the blunt chop earlier in 2019, and we have it on good authority that she has no intent on growing it out. 

Daring to take your blunt bob above your chin could bestow you with a look this cool. Almost. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @emrata with a blunt bob hairstyle



So. Glossy. Is Emily Ratajkowski even real

Francesca makes her blunt bob look even sharper thanks to her contrasting, '80s-style puff sleeves. 

Bobs look just as cool tucked behind your ears, as evidenced by Hannah. 

Alice has made the blunt bob look all her own with a sweet curtain fringe. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @irinashayk with a blunt bob hairstyle



Proof that sometimes the simplest hairstyles make the biggest impact. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @jourdandunn with a blunt bob hairstyle



Jourdan's slick centre parting makes her 'do look all the more dramatic. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @lucyboynton1 with a blunt bob hairstyle



Lucy Boynton flits between curling the ends of her hair to styling them poker straight. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @maria_bernad with a blunt bob hairstyle



This is the shortest we've seen Maria's hair, and we love it. 

Again, Marianne adds texture to her tresses by waving the mid-lengths of her hair. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: @misstpw with a blunt bob hairstyle



If you want to make a real statement, opt for a cut that lines up with your lips. 

Tessa is fast becoming our favourite blunt bob muse. 

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: Linda Tol's bleach blonde long bob



Linda's blunt bob has been a staple style for her for some time, and it offsets her oversized tailored looks perfectly.

Make your choppy bob look that little bit more bohemian with styled waves.

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: Aide's short wavy black bob



Aide's minimalist wardrobe lends itself really well to such an understated and chic haircut.

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: Amy's choppy bob with a micro fringe



Your blunt bob can involve an equally sharp fringe, you know. We're always looking to Amy for inspiration on that front.

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: super-blonde bob with a side parting



On those days where you want a more retro-glam feel, simply swoosh your hair over to one side.

It really is the kind of hairstyle where you wake up and just look instantly good.

Blunt Bob Hairstyles: beachy waves in a long bob



Heat-style some messy beachy waves into your bob during the summer months.

Sophia proves the blunt bob can be versatile as she smoothes the ends to create a softer shape. 

High-necked dresses are the perfect accompaniment to a blunt bob hairstyle. 

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