Whoa: We Didn't See This Scandi Trend Coming

While Pernille Teisbaek has been diverting our attention to her incredible wedding dress (and bouquet, veil, bridal shoe collection and generally ultra-cool gaggle of guests), we could have easily missed one of the most significant new styling hacks she's offering up for the new season.

The Danish stylist has not only been repping a wardrobe that's almost entirely rendered in tones of blue (so long, Millennial Pink?), but there's a little £5 trick that's she's doing with everything, including her new favourite combo: running sneakers worn with midi skirts. Introducing Pernille's simple pair of blue ankle socks. It's not a trend we've seen on the runways. It's not a trend we've actually seen anywhere else, outside of her feed on multiple occasions over the past few weeks. These little baby-blue fellas have been implemented in almost every one of her recent outfits.

While many style enthusiasts have by now got to grips with socks and sandals, sock boots and wearing fishnets in a way devoid of all irony, could this be the next thing in high fashion hosiery? Keep scrolling to see Pernille's latest obsession…

sponsored | Baby Blues???? @netaporter

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Bag lady????????‍♀️

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Next up, the rules on wearing tights for autumn 2017.

Opening Image: Instagram/@pernilleteisbaek

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