I'm Convinced This Is Going to Be Autumn's Biggest Beauty Trend

If my 14-year-old self were a guest editor on Who What Wear UK, chances are most of my articles would involve bold eye looks. That was my thing—my signature, if you will—in my early teens. In the days before YouTube tutorials and Instagram accounts dedicated to bright makeup, I prided myself on my ability to create peacock feather–inspired shadow looks in five minutes flat. 

And then I grew up. Bypassing my emo phase, which mostly consisted of slicking my lips with poison berry lipgloss and drawing thick kohl rings around my eyes, I soon began gravitating towards neutral shades of brown, grey, taupe, and beige—and that's what I've stuck to ever since. Fifteen years of smoky eyes, black mascara, and little else. It's a look that's served me well, and I don't plan on turning my back on it anytime soon, but recently I've been flirting with the idea of trying something new, something bold, something—dare I say?—bright.

Blue Eye Makeup: @celmatique showcases graphic blue liner



Lately, all of my favourite influencers seem to have collectively decided that blue eye makeup is very much a thing again. So much so I spy several shots of blue eyes every scrolling session, and this week, it appears to be gaining even more traction. Much to my surprise, I absolutely love it. 

Blue eye makeup, particularly when we're talking about the eyeliner and mascara varieties, serves as a refreshing alternative to black and brown. Regardless of the colour of your irises, blue shades somehow work to make the whites of your eyes look even brighter and will enhance any colourful flexes in your iris to make them look more vibrant, too. 

What I love most about blue is the multitude of shades and tones it can come in. From classic navy to striking cobalt, there's guaranteed to be a blue eye makeup look to suit you, whatever your usual beauty preferences may be. Don't believe me? Then I'll let the following images prove my point. 

From graphic liner and bright lashes to seamless sweeps of shadow across the lid, keep scrolling to see the chicest examples of how to wear blue eye makeup. Then, proceed to shop my edit of the best blue-hued beauty buys for every budget. 

Anoushka's bright-blue eye shadow look is nothing short of breathtaking. 

We love how Amaka gives her natural-makeup look a cool twist with a cobalt flick. 

Blue Eye Makeup: @livblankson sports blue mascara



Look closely, and you'll see Liv has adorned her lengthly lashes with a slick of blue mascara.

Blue Eye Makeup: @himichelleli wears navy kohl eyeliner



Michelle demonstrates how navy liner can act as a chic stepping stone for trialling blue eye makeup. 

Blue Eye Makeup: @aimeesong adds a pop of colour to her beauty look with blue shadow



Aimee Song has been sporting blue eye shadow for years, but her love of the look seems to have peaked in 2020. 

Blue Eye Makeup: @maaaaakyy gets creative with negative space blue eyeliner



If you have a steady hand, then I wholly recommend trying Macarena's negative-space liner look. 

Blue Eye Makeup: @nnennaechem matches the colour of her blue top to her eyeshadow



Nnenna wears bright eye shadow on an almost-daily basis, but this blue look is undoubtedly one of my favourites. 

Blue Eye Makeup: @maria_bernad's blue cat eye flicks are perfection



Maria's style is as statement as they come, so it's little wonder she too has fallen for the blue eye makeup trend. 


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