How Women at the Second-Fastest-Growing Company in the UK Dress for Work

When you walk into the Bloom & Wild offices in Vauxhall, there’s an open space that feels like a cheery front lobby. The shelves are stuffed with a random assortment of jars and pastel vases, there are dozens of sunflowers in the sink, there’s a notice board covered with thank-you cards and an impressive supply of Freddos. Despite the seemingly relaxed setup, this is a company that grew 13,818% from 2015 to 2017 and is classed as the second-fastest-growing company in the UK, according to Deloitte. The online flower-delivery service Bloom & Wild has doubled its revenue year on year since 2015. In its fifth year of operation, it’s grown from a team of four employees in Earlsfield to a team of 65 in Southwest London.

It is aggressive growth, but this is a company that truly values “niceness” over “ruthlessness”—and no, that’s not just jumping onto corporate wellness buzzwords. On the day of our photo shoot, Sara Gordon, the vice president of brand and design, wasn’t only helping her team out with their eyeliner—she was also carrying buckets of flowers in a service lift and spent an hour making a bunch of flowers for everyone on the Who What Wear UK team. “You can’t walk back into the office with flowers just for you,” she told me. The whole idea of the business is to “make being thoughtful simple,” she says. “We literally make thousands of people’s day each day, and I’m so proud to be a part of that.”