WWW Exclusive: CR Fashion Book-A Tribute to Dim Dam Dom

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The second issue of Carine Roitfelds CR Fashion Book, available at newsstands now, is dedicated to one of Roitfelds personal obsessions: dance. From a seductive tale about an instructor and her pupil to an eerie look at a cast of characters backstage, each editorial tells a different story of the art of dance. We were particularly inspired by the tribute to Dim Dam Dom, a French television show from the 60s and 70s. Shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, each spread pays homage to the shows iconic fashion through some of springs biggest looks. Check out never-before-seen images from the shoot below, plus dont miss our exclusive Q&A with Carine Roitfeld.   Q&A with Carine Roitfeld
How did the concept for this editorial cometogether?
Each editorial is about one of my obsessions: I am obsessed with dance, ever since I met Marie-Agnes Gillot (who is featured in the issue) and decided to take lessons! When I am obsessed with something I am totally in it and want to know everything about it. For people who have never seenDim Dam Dom, how would you describe thetelevision show and its fashion?
It was the first French TV show (in the 60s and 70s) dedicated to fashion. They askedPeter Knapp"the art director of French ELLE at that time"to look after it andhe changed the way offilming so itwasn'tstatic anymore! I was very young, but l still remember some of the pieces! It was a revolution, likethe mini skirt of the "sex revolution" of these years! Were there specific elements of the show inparticular that influenced the editorial?
A lot of the time, the models were dancing in groups! And the hair and makeup was very important! It was very controversial at that time, and always very graphic. What was the concept behind the hair andmakeup for the shoot?
I did not want a first-degree retrospective and the hair is from another period totally. It's dedicated to Stephen Sprouse. Odile Gilbert, our hair artist, did a lot of his shows and she brought some of her personal vintage dresses to the set. There are multiple spring trends showcasedin the editorial, such as bold black and white, sheer panels, and stripes. Whatis the one trend youre looking forward to wearing this season?
I always keep my personal style! I do like that next season there are a lot of clothes in neutral and skin-coloured tones, which I like.And plastic transparent shoes, which are very popular this season. What do you love most about working onCR Fashion Book?
The energy of all these new talents as well as how it crosses with art, and always my free spirit! Photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino for CR Fashion Book.  

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