Cleansing with Kerr: Days 4 & 5 of Dr. Lipman's Detox Cleanse

  What I've Learned In The Past 48 Hours 1) When you're eating the right foods, you feel warm and snuggly inside. It's like the mental/internal equivalent of being tucked in your flannel sheets on a cold night. 2) It's probably impossible to binge on these foods. Seriously, that little voice in my head that shrieks, "Eat all the dark chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies right now OR ELSE!!!" is silent. 3) Eating this way makes my stomach flat. You know the kind of flat your stomach is in the morning? And how that's not necessarily the way your stomach looks at the end of the day? Well mine is basically "morning flat" all day long now. I am shocked. And yes, there's more Day 4: The idea came to me in the shower, which is where I get approximately 37% of my good ideas. (As for the rest: 48% arrive whilst driving, 12% present themselves in the heat of the moment, and the remaining 3% show up after the fact.) For the past three days, I have been eating vegan. Like, SUPER vegan, because vegans get soy and bread, I think, and soy and bread aren't on the Cleanse. Even better: I'm not starving! In fact, I feel warm and wonderful and full without ever being stuffed; it's kind of radical. But while the view from my mountaintop is quite lovely, I must confess that I'm a smidge lonely, but that's my own fault. The issue is a simple matter of will power: I've got none. OK "none" sounds a trifle hyperbolic, as I'm sticking to this Cleanse, but I really can't be trusted. So I put myself in isolation"I had no social plans that took place after dark all weekend"to avoid temptation (again: bread + booze). I haven't been this quiet in months, but one good thing about the downtime is that I got a chance to read some of Dr. Lipman's book Revive, which really got me thinking. The book details a less intense version of the detox situation I'm doing now (it takes place over 6 weeks, you don't eliminate so many foods at once, and it gives you a plan for weaning yourself off caffeine), and is stuffed with sound tips for rebalancing your life. My personal favourite is the "electronic curfew," which means stepping away from the TV and putting down the blackberry by 10 p.m. every night. If you're not a great sleeper (me! me!), it really helps. As for the Cleanse, I'm really just eating more of the same foods, though today I braised some butternut squash in light coconut milk and ate that with more of the Dijon roasted sprouts and brown rice. I feel great, but my energy level was a bit low in my Tracy Anderson cardio dance class, so I'm going to try and incorporate some more protein into my diet going forward. I'm also going to give myself a couple of days off from working out, another suggestion from Revive.   Day 5: I'm only a third of the way through the cleanse program, but one thing is already certain: this detox is giving me a crazy flat stomach, which is definitely not the norm. In fact, I've never seen my body looking quite like this; my stomach is flatter than it's ever been in my life. Flatter than when I was a restrictive-eating cheerleading clich in high school. Temptation is still everywhere though, and it is a hard fight sometimes. Nicole Kleist, our lovely photo editor, brought in a loaf of homemade banana bread today and it's lurking on the counter in our kitchen. I'm trying not to think about it. You can tell that's not working. But frankly, this test is nothing compared to what I'm going to be up against tomorrow night. I have a work dinner/event at Kelly Wearstler's house and said event simply cannot be skipped. Nor would I want to skip it; I'm obsessed with Kelly's work and am a big fan of her new clothing line. I'm a little nervous, to put it mildly. How will I eat? What will I (not) drink? Will I fall off the Cleanse wagon? Keep your fingers crossed, kiddos "Hillary Kerr For more on the cleanse, follow me at @hillary_kerr or visit Dr. Lipman's website. If you're interested, click here for the sprouts recipe I keep talking about (they are SUPER yummy) and click here for the roasted butternut squash & chickpeas recipe. For the squash situation, I skip the yogurt due to the Cleanse, but will add that back in when I'm done.      

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