Cleansing with Kerr: Day 1 of Dr. Frank Lipman's Cleanse

We started this blog so we'd have a place to showcase and discuss things that are going on in the fashion world, even though they may not be directly connected to our daily stories. While that's typically meant showing editorials from our favourite international magazines and noteworthy red carpet or street-style looks, today we're delving into slightly different territory. What does that mean? Well, I'm going to detail my detox. Oh yes, this butter-loving, cake-baking, martini-guzzling fashion writer is taking her first foray into the wild world of cleanses"starting today! The program I'm attempting is by Dr. Frank Lipman (he's one of Gwyneth Paltrow's gurus, as fellow GOOP subscribers know) and is part of his Be Well line, specifically the Cleanse: 14 Day Detox. Now, detoxes are decidedly popular in the fashion world"juice ones in particular"but I'm not really the kind of girl who likes to solely sip her meals. This cleanse appealed to me because you still eat food, plus it's supposed to make you feel more energetic, and frankly I'm desperate to put some pep in my step. Plus I'd talked to some people who'd done it"chiefly the lovely Abby Gardner of Marie Claire"who told me, and I quote, "it changed my life," and who doesn't want to do that? The plan itself is pretty simple and goes as follows: make one of Dr. Lipman's nutritional "shakes" (that's in quotes because they're a wee watery to really constitute a shake, in my book) for breakfast, have another "shake" in the middle of the morning, eat a light lunch (more on this in a minute), have another "shake" in the middle of the afternoon, and finally eat a light dinner. As for the meals themselves, there aren't specific portion sizes or calorie counts"another great aspect of this detox"they just have to be comprised of items from the "allowed" list. But before I tell you what you can eat, let's talk about what you're not supposed to consume during the detox. (This is always the scary part to me.) Obviously there's no booze, nor is caffeine allowed (not a huge deal for me, as I gave up coffee a couple of years ago), but you also have to give up the following fun things: dairy (bye bye butter, see you later swiss cheese), gluten grains (so no bread, which I love, or even polenta, which is gluten-free but apparently corn is too high in sugar), potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, oranges, bananas, strawberries, ketchup, chocolate, eggs, tofu, shellfish, tuna, and anything with high fructose corn syrup. Oh, and sriracha is verboten too, which means I probably won't be eating as many brussels sprouts as usual. While anything sugary or processed or fatty or bread-y is out, the good news is that lots of lovely things are allowed, like avocados (and most fruits), chickpeas (all legumes, actually), kale (almost all veggies), chicken (free-range, preferably), black cod and wild salmon, brown rice, quinoa, extra virgin olive oil and much more. [A word to the wise, I've just given you a limited listing, click here to see the full shopping guide.] As for Day 1: it wasn't bad! I'm used to eating a relatively hearty breakfast"oatmeal with fruit, lots of tea"instead of two "shakes," so I was ready for lunch much earlier than usual. (Normally I eat at 2 p.m. or later, but I was starving by noon.) Lunch was broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, and chicken sauted in garlic and olive oil, then I made "beans and greens" for dinner using cannellini beans and swiss chard. I also made quinoa and had a scoop on the side, which was a necessary addition because I turn into a raging monster if I don't have some sort of carbs. I also spent some time prepping food for Day 2, making roasted butternut squash and chickpeas with spicy curry seasoning. One more thing: I drank an insane amount of water, 4 litres at last count. That's unusual, to put it mildly. Aside from the food, I felt pretty good (again, hungry until lunch, but basically fine after that). In the afternoon, I got a little cranky and headachy"which I assume is because I'm not drinking as much unsweetened ice tea as per usual"but it's nothing like when I was coming off coffee. That withdrawal was brutal. Brutal. As per usual, I had trouble falling asleep, but that's just par for the course in my world. One day down, 13 to go!"Hillary Kerr (for more details on the cleanse, follow @hillary_kerr)

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