B Untamed B Brian Atwood Video + Interview

As huge fans of Brian Atwoods second footwear line, B Brian Atwood, we are beyond excited to share with you, dear readers, B Untamed, a video featuring the Cassiane heels from the S/S 12 collection! Were crazy about these slinky and sexy shoes and have a hunch youre going to love them too. Want to know more about the collection? Be sure to also check out our Q&A with Brian Atwood below. Enjoy!
What inspired you to create the B Brian Atwood line? Atwood: I had a vision of B for a whole new audience; creating a line that was sexy, sophisticated and confident for the global nomad contemporary consumer, at a more accessible price point! What was your inspiration for the S/S 12 collection? Atwood:This Spring 2012 season is all about ethnic, rock and colour- delivering strong, confident and aggressive styles with touches of fringe, metallic and skin details. For those who poses untamed glamour. How many people are often involved in the creative process? Is it just you or do you work with a team? Atwood:I have an amazing team that I collaborate with Do you have a favourite style from the collection? Atwood:How can you not LOVE the Cassiane featured. its gorgeous The Cassiane heels feature slinky, chain-fringe detailing, were there any other interesting textures you incorporated into the collection? Atwood:Touches of fringe, metallic and skin details Is there a type of girl you envision wearing the Cassiane heels? Atwood:The B Girl who is fun and flirty, sexy and sophisticated Can you tell us a little about the concept for the B Untamed video? Atwood:B Untamed was inspired by seductive, chic, fluid movement and untamed glamour through fringe expression What was your favourite part about creating/participating in the B Brian Atwood Fashion Video Series? Atwood:I love how each video is each unique, yet embodying the B Brian Atwood seductive nuances; capturing the B Girls fixation of the moment Watch B Untamed by B Brian Atwood on YouTube

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