7 Interior Design Ideas We've Stolen From Our Favourite Fashion Contacts

As we're constantly turning to fashion bloggers for style inspiration, it makes sense that we also look to them for their interior design ideas. Because let's face it—decorating can be hard. Whether you're renting or you've got a mortgage, not everyone wants their place to look completely IKEA-fied. (That's not to say we don't love the meatballs and the MALM chest of drawers, but homes are best when they have a personal touch.)

To give you some Pinterest ammo and ideas on how to decorate your abode, we looked at some of the coolest and chicest homes as styled by some of our favourite influencers. From Pandora Sykes, who has just moved and has been redecorating, to Alex Stedman of The Frugality, who's currently renovating a new place, the fashion girls we looked to offered up plenty of up-to-date interior looks we're sure you'll want to steal.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, eat your heart out.

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