The Sweetest Gifts Fashion Bloggers Got From Their Significant Others

Being the significant other of a major fashion blogger has to be a challenge; for major life events that require gifts, what do you get for a woman who already has everything?! The answer, based on our research? Something very, very thoughtful.

We chatted with some of the world's most well-known bloggers and asked them: What is the sweetest gift your significant other has ever gotten you? Their responses have rejuvenated our belief in everlasting love. 

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Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad


The Blonde Salad

Ferragni's boyfriend, photographer Andrew Arthur, might just win the prize for romantic partner of the year with this one. For Christmas last year, Arthur surprised his blogger boo with a pair of Converse high-tops that were customised with photos of the two of them together. Nothing like a custom pair of sneaks to really show you love someone!

Nicolette Mason


Nicolette Mason

"Shortly after we started dating, I came down with a serious cold, and Ali insisted on coming over to visit me even though I looked like death," Mason tells us of her now-wife. "She arrived at my apartment with fresh matzah ball soup, a Neti Pot, and all the over-the-counter meds I could ever need. She's gotten me much more substantial gifts since, but it was then that I knew she was the person I would marry—and I did! She really went out of her way to help me feel better, and it was so thoughtful and heartwarming."

Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes


Stuff She Likes

"Years ago, I moved in with a boyfriend, and he found an old sketchbook of mine from high school," Hansberry tells us. "He asked be about it, and I told him I had not sketched since then. I came home the next day to find a cute little chair set up by the window with a new sketchbook and a pack of pencils sitting on it! Over the years, I have received all kinds of amazing gifts from guys: designer bags, cameras, jewellery, vacations—but that $10 gift, and the heart and thought behind it, is at the very top of my list to this day."

Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies


Pink Peonies

"One night, I thought I was going into labour and that I was going to have my baby," Parcell shares. "Right before we headed to the hospital, [my husband] Drew gave me this beautiful, dainty gold ring with diamonds all around it. He said it was a 'push present,' and I thought it was the most thoughtful thing ever! Turns out I didn't end up going into labour that night, but I wore it every day and made sure to wear it when my daughter, Isla Rose, really did make her grand entrance into the world! And when Isla gets married, I'm going to give it to her."

Grasie Mercedes of Style Me Grasie


Style Me Grasie

"About a year into our relationship, my now-husband (then-boyfriend), Damien, and I went shopping. While looking around in Barneys, I saw this burgundy, oversize Marc Jacobs bag that I loved," Mercedes recalls. "I picked it up, looked at it, thought 'Argh, I shouldn't,' then put it down. I never mentioned it to Damien at all and had no idea he even saw me pick it up. A couple of weeks later, I came home and there was box for me on the kitchen counter. I opened it and there was the bag! I was shocked. I couldn't believe how sneaky he was! It was a very sweet and thoughtful gift for no occasion or reason, other than him wanting to surprise me. Now, seven years later, I still have and love that bag."

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential



"My fiancé set up a fully stocked bar for me! It was for our new house during Christmastime, and he handpicked all my favourite alcohols with a rose-gold martini setup," Evarts remembers. "He also stocked the bar with white lacquer trays, skinny cocktail books, spicy nuts, and vanilla candles on a gold vintage bar cart. It was so sweet; when I walked in, everything was set up and ready to go. Now we have the perfect Friday night bar!"

What's the sweetest gift your significant other has ever given you? Share below!